Numerology Insights For The Coming Presidential Election

My Dear Friends and Family,

Recently folks have been asking me to use my numerologist's microscope and look at the U.S. presidential race. As most of you know I don't use this system to predict anything, but instead I look at factors, trends and possibilities. Each soul determines what it will do with each new day.

I am happy, however, to share some insights with you on this important election. It is a fascinating study.

First, let me put this whole drama in the context of the overall influences of the ruling Planetary Cycle at this time.…

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Where's My "Grade B?"

Where’s My “Grade B?”

I’ve gone to all my usual suspects and I’ve looked high and I’ve looked low, but my Grade B is nowhere to be found!

It’s as if a far away alien species discovered “my secret” and beamed every single drop of it back to their home world.…

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