Carried By The Chant

Carried By The Chant

This past weekend Sikhs around the world gather to celebrate the birth of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, born in 1534. For Sikhs and Kundalini yoga students worldwide he is known asThe Lord of Miracles.

That indeed proved true, as revealed in this story Sangeet wrote for the Winter Issue of the Sikh Dharma Ministry newsletter. Her chanting for days to this great Master who resides with other Saints and Masters in the etheric realms did indeed bring miracles for her and her dear husband earlier this year when he underwent several surgeries and lay near death.…

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October 2020 Numerology: TRUTH -Get A Health Check-up And Prepare!

The month of October every year has special significance in the numerology cycle of the Planet and in our progress through our own Personal Cycles. This year it is even more important. What we do this month and how we do it will reshape our lives and our world – in the coming months, throughout 2021 and beyond.

For most people October brings a major seasonal transition, while in the Northern Hemisphere we try to capture the last of summertime fun and warmth.

This year there is that extra need to get out and we have become a very impatient people – living through stages of lockdown, reopening, partial lockdown, and so forth.…

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