A Personal Journey

[It is the rarest of souls that are presented with the opportunity to leave the Earthly realm and go Home to the etheric realms to be welcomed Home with honor. Rarer still are the few who chose to turn that aside to continue their earthly mission.

The following is my account of one of those souls, my wife Sangeet, who is very special to me and to so many others. The events in this story happened over April and May 2018.]

I slumped onto the floor with my knees tight up against my aching chest, tears rolling down my face soaking the days-old clothes I was wearing.

“Has Sangeet taught her final class?” “Has the final question unknowingly been asked by a student?” “Was it at least a good one?” “Was the 10-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training class she taught the day before her 5-hour spinal surgery the swan song of this dedicated, genuine, and beloved teacher?”

“Have I hugged my wife for the very last time?”

“What will we all do, Now?”

My mind was racing a thousand thoughts a moment. And then it was as if I could hear Sangeet in the Emergency Room speak to me through the wall my back was pressed up against to “breathe deep, I am still here.”

I think this is when Amar Atma Singh Khalsa recited the “final prayers” of all Sikhs – just to be sure all bases were covered.…

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Digital, Yet None The Less, Warm Holiday Hugs!

Dear Healing Source Family and Friends,

Wow, things are surely changing!

This has truly become an electronic age and we do our best to honor that with our social media posts and dedicated email stories that you can view quickly or go into in depth on our website. Everything has entered the realm of digital delivery – our meditation videos, our fun travel blogs, even birthday greetings.…

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December 2017 Numerology: A Call To Order -Are We Ready?

Dear Healing Source Family & Friends,

December is always a special month – not just because of the holidays that are celebrated at this time of year, but because this month brings the final closing gifts and lessons of each year. In December of 2016 what happened? Well the Planetary Cycle that year was a 9 and it brought upsets and unearthed things that had been hidden for some time. December was a 3 Month, an opportunity for positive minds to regain power and bring better social connections. Well, the lesson-side of 3 prevailed and many here in North America and around the world drifted into gloom, hopelessness and other negative states.…

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