July 2018 Numerology: Stay True To You!

Dear Family & Friends,

A bright young woman who is a prominent college teacher spoke to me recently about how disoriented she has become midst the pressures of the unsteady personalities of others in her department. Perhaps some of you are feeling jostled by unsteadiness in close quarters to you or in the divisive, raucous “body politic” across our country, echoed in other countries as well.

There is only one way through this: you, your personality, must stay steady. You must stay true to you. True to your values, to knowing what is really important to you and your forward progress. These do not change day to day and they keep you steady despite pressures that could move you off your resolute self.…

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Many friends of our beloved Sangeet have been doing fund-raising to help support her through surgery, unexpected complications, and treatments since April 16th. These are ongoing, have life changing ramifications and require much future expense as well.

If you’d like to join them, her long-time friend Attorney Jerome Landau has set up a special account and checks can be written and mailed to:

“Jerome Alan Landau FBO Sangeet Khalsa”
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd, #208, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
(“FBO” means 'For the Benefit Of' and can only be used for the person named).

Here are three poignant letters and updates from caring students and friends.

Dear Friends and Family of Sangeet,

Our dearest Sangeet has been in serious difficulties, in and after surgery. She has stood at death’s door twice since she entered the hospital on April 16th for a full lumbar laminectomy. Following surgery, she went into pulmonary collapse. She is also being treated for a severe infectious disease and so much more! Through three hospitals she has struggled and won, slow step by slow step.

She is still under close monitoring while learning new ways to walk and resume coordination.

Her biggest challenges are ahead, but her soul and mind are clear. The gifts flowing to her as a master teacher are immense.…