September 2020 Numerology: This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

Hallelujah! After a tumultuous year so far, September can give us a time to make progress in our lives. It is an important gateway month when we can launch plans and activities that will carry us into 2021.

This is a 4 Cycle Month in the planet’s evolution, based on Blessings Code™ Numerology.

That means you can push away the clouds and mental fog and get a look at the bigger picture of where you are now and where you want to go. You can set a plan, even if it’s a mini-plan.

But what plan?…

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The Mul Mantra -My "Forever Mantra"

Dear Family and Friends,

The first time you discover a mantra you can have mixed feelings. It can seem like something you will use for a long time or just something good for a 40-day stint with a specific purpose. At times a new mantra will just be a turn-off, totally unappealing.

Over 40 plus years experience chanting mantras (and nearly 40 years before that singing hymns, doing Gregorian and Latin chants) I guess I’ve experienced all varieties of these responses.…

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Sangeet Stars on "The God Show"

Sangeet Stars on

You could feel the chemistry and measure the enormous heart-space that arose when Sangeet and Hall of Fame Broadcaster Pat McMahon spent an hour together July 23, 2019 “on air” recording a new episode of Pat’s famous “The God Show,” an Arizona favorite for nearly two decades. (Enjoy the photos -all 6 of them!)…

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