Love Lives Forever!

sangeets blog 2024 01 january 14 love lives forever 600x668Sangeet With Husband Hari Nam Share A Reflective Moment In Late October On The Beach In Avalon, New Jersey.

Love is a Living Thing

You can see it in smiles, on great faces, on small and great humble people. You will also see love in the endurance of long-lasting relationships such as here in this picture.

Yes, Sangeet brought her “forever-guy” to one of her “forever-places of love.”

This special picture was taken of Hari Nam and Sangeet – a loving couple for 40 years – in the little seaside town of Avalon on the tip of very-southern New Jersey when we visited Avalon in late October 2023. Avalon is a precious town from Sangeet’s very young childhood vacations with her parents in the early 1940s.

Have you seen the fun photo of Sangeet as a toddler on Avalon beach in 1941? She is there with her dad, mom, and dog Susie. The photo is the opening of Sangeet's 84th birthday video titled Reflecting on 84 Years and is on If you haven't watched it yet, you are in for a treat!

We were back East (we both grew up on the East Coast of the U.S.) visiting Sangeet’s parents’ souls at the family cemetery in Philadelphia and also the home where Sangeet was born and grew up. If you are not familiar with the historic significance of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the founding of The United States, has a good summary.

We also visited a few other of Sangeet’s family sights like their small retirement farm outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was wonderful to visit again “the old farm.” Sangeet really misses the time there visiting her parents and baking apple pies with local apples!

New Year’s Love and Hugs to you all beyond words!

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Hari Nam Singh

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