Happy New Year Dear Hearts! A Great Meditation For You!

isht sodhana mantra kriya meditation 3 photo montage hand movementsSangeet demonstrates the hand and arm positions for this powerful meditation.

For YOU And MEA Wonderful Meditation To Start Now

Here’s a Must-do Meditation for You!

Today, January 13th is the “traditional start” of the New Year and a great time to start a daily meditation to clear your past, your home, and places of work.

This meditation will also help you to drop any family-ancestral concerns around you and to start fresh as we move ahead in this powerful 8 Cycle New Year of 2024.

What is this amazing meditation that you can do for either 11 or 40 days (starting today if possible)?

It is known as “Isht Sodana Mantra Kriya.”

This special meditation is chanted out loud (the Dharti Hai mantra is easy to learn) and its effect is amplified with three powerful hand and arm positions that move as you chant.

This is an amazingly transformative meditation you’ll want to start right now!

Back in 2017 I had “everyone” doing this meditation, and the experiences students had were quite astounding!

At that time I made a video of how to chant the mantra and coordinate the hand and arm positions while chanting. This wonderful 23 minute instructional video also has a short segment of insights about the meditation and an 11 minute meditation with me doing the chant a cappella with the hand and arm positions.

Watch this video firstit is a wonderful way to learn this meditation! Here is the link to the video on HealingSource.com.

In addition to my a cappella chanting in the video, these are two musical recordings that I think highly of.

  • DHARTI HAI by Gurunam Singh on his CD “Silent Moonlight Meditation” is beautiful and easy to chant to. It is nine minutes long so put it on “repeat” to get your 11 minutes!
  • It can be purchased from Amazon.com.
  • And you can listen to it on YouTube.com.

Also one of my all-time favorite versions is done as a “group chant” and is 62 minutes long, but you can stop at 11 minutes (if you can!).

  • It is “ISHT SODHANA MANTRA KRIYA” by Gurucharan S. Khalsa and Gurusangat Singh.
  • It can be purchased from Amazon.com.
  • And you can listen to it on YouTube.com.

Whichever version you chant tomine, Gurunam’s, Gurucharan and Gurusangat’s, or your own voice, raise your hands to the heavens and celebrate!

Capture the energy of the heavens and awaken the power of the great saint-healer Guru Ram Das in your heart.

I ask that each and everyone of you take this opportunity to bring peace to yourself and to this whole world.

Set a special meditation place for “your time” each day to do this chanting. Mine is at 9 a.m. You see all around you how much this peace is needed now. Keep positive. I think by now you know who is really running the showyou and God.

Bless Your Heart, Your Chanting, and All Your Other Beautiful Gifts,


The “true” start of the New Year being on January 13 has a fascinating story behind it that features a Roman General and a Pope, both of whom you may be familiar with. EarthSky.org has a good summary, with references, of this important piece of history that influences each one of our day-to-day activities.

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