Conquering Climate Change with Kundalini Yoga

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Dear Family & Friends,

Sound impossible? Not so! You are helping to save the planet every time you do Kundalni Yoga, breath-pranayam, meditation and mantra. This is So true especially now as we enter the 7 Planetary Cycle and the dark caves of Scorpio!

Do you really think that doing a Kundalini Yoga class is limited? Your powers with mantra, breath and movement energize your navel power, linking to your heart, pouring into your auric field and directing your mind to place you at the feet of the Infinite One. That is why human was called by the ancient yogis God in form and action.

You may think that we need God to survive but God needs us to survive and prevail for goodness. Only through goodness can we create and recreate a better world.

That doesn’t mean just by stopping wars or even making peace or reducing carbon emissions or planting trees and capturing solar power. Our auras, just like the planet’s protective atmospheric skin, are filled with our thoughts, intentions, deeds and surrounding emotions as we hold them now and have brought them forward for generations of lifetimes lived by our souls. That is what is known as the soul’s progress in human form.

Look around you at this planet. Why are there fires? Rage and anger. Floods and drought? Suppressed grief. The same holds true for us. We use yoga andsangeets blog 2021 11 november 05 superstition wilderness 2 200x150Inhale, exhale, relax, enjoy. Repeat as needed... (Click for larger photo.) meditation to heal ourselves, release us from emotions that can curtail our natural gifts, blacken our auras.

Sometimes folks will ask me what color their aura is. A lot of colors, as there are lots of experiences and emotions flooding out of them. They affect organs and systems within us as they flood into our outer climate, making us strong or appearing week.

How do we heal our earth? By planting trees, clearing water and other things that affect our ability to spread our inner sunshine and goodness. Also by doing yoga, meditating to lift our emotions, the trap of negative and positive minds, to get us into meditative, neutral mind which awakens the Divine within us.

So if someone asks you why you do yoga say it’s to help the climate, yours and everyone’s climate. So when you smile, others smile and worries and tears disappear.

This is the time of year in Earth’s history when we face big topics having to do with survival, human and planetary survival due to changes in our climate affecting our protective planetary aura. This happens in the meetings underway on climate change.

Looking at our planetary numerology, as part of my Blessings Code Numerology™ system, we are now in November in a 7 cycle. This is the cycle of the auric field. The aura field around each of us and around our planet. It holds all of our challenges and doubts. You may rant at times, but chant instead!Sangeet at the foothills of the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona.Whew! So many choices, but which is the One for me? (Click for larger photo.)

November also falls in the challenging sign of Scorpio. It will bring up old issues we have seen before. Do not let them push you away from facing the closets of your mind. The greatest heroes, heroines and warriors have always fought the battles the mind. This is a time for your greatest victory. It will brighten us in December.

As I often say – just inhale, exhale and shout the word “Victory!” and that will come.

So we are affected by everything within us which affects everything around us. Engage in it all and let your victories make you more self-reliant and dependable, inspiring in our speech, excellent at mantra, song, prayer and meditation, smiling and a true contributor to all.

The sunlight we build within us is far more important than the sunlight from the center of our solar system. We are the center of this solar system and, according to the most ancient writings of Himalayan sages, we humans are the center of consciousness in this universe.

How do I know? I have been trained by Masters who welcomed me among them. In this lifetime I have taught over 43 years with masterful souls and experienced this power in me and in so many of us.

It is not the beautiful song that brings power to us all – we are the singers of the song and we are the heart of song itself.Sangeet at the foothills of the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona.I have it all figured out -I'm going this way! (Click for larger photo.)

Request: Chant the mantra in this week’s yoga set and move into that power as we do in this class this week. Carry it on throughout the whole month of November. It will clear all disease, depression, wories and fear. It penetrates all darkness to bring eternal light.

The mantra-song we chant in this week’s meditation is known as the “Mangala Charn Mantra.” It is done in the old Sanskrit-based language. It guides us to bow before the Primal Wisdom (God) from which we all came before there was form.

Ad Guray Nameh (pronounced nah-meh) – I bow to the Primal Wisdom (of Infinite God)!
Jugaad Guray Nameh
– I bow to this wisdom throughout the Ages!
Sat Guray Nameh
-I bow to this True Wisdom!
Siree Guroo Day-Vay Nameh
– I bow to this great unseen Wisdom!

We bow before that force and acknowledge that wisdom in us throughout the ages, also bowing to recognize that in ourselves that we are Infinitely wise. This Infinite Source is in each of us, the singers of the song. We are God in sound, in beauty, in goodness and in action. That is the high reality of Energy Body Number 7. The aura of each of us, the aura of this earth that holds this universe together.

Look at Number 7 as song, as heavenly vibration and wonder spread for us and by us here. We can enrich the soil of this earth, reflect power to others and raise hope. We are sunlight in action.

What happens in this 7 Planetary Cycle and 7 Human Cycle? You have 2 choices – interestingly the same two choices now being faced by world leaders that have met recently and will continue to meet: You take action for goodness or you run away and hide under your mental-emotional sheets. like a traditional cave-person.

Can you set deadlines and strategies? Yes. But set no limits.

Do this week's yoga set for at least three days. This helps break through the cycle of resistance / ego and helps you rise into “Meditative Mind.”

Do the same with any cleansing yogic breath. There is no end to improvement.

This week we focus on establishing the balance of prana (life force that builds energy like an inhale) and apana (the eliminative force like an exhale. Just as trees inhale and exhale, so do mountains and watery flows. So does the whole universe flow.

We humans are the same as the earthly climate. We need more breathing trees to cleanse our world. We need more breathing, meditating folks like you to cleanse our world.

You’ll gain a true experience of this power in our yoga class and meditation this week. I taught it back in 2017 when I was leading a weekend in Kundalni Yoga Teacher Training at Anahata Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nothing could be more appropriate than practicing this yoga and meditation set now. Let the aura rise and heal!

Enjoy this class now and throughout this week. Be strong, be Divine, and build the aura of this planet!

Blessings always,

Sangeet Kaur & Hari Nam Singh
November 5, 2021

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