February 2021 Numerology: Mastery, Mystery, And The Heavens

Hello & Sat Nam Dear Family & Friends,

We are entering the month of February, which brings more aspects to focus on in our overall Planetary Cycles for the Planet and for the USA.

The 5 Planetary Cycle for the Earth in 2021 now moves into the 7 month, focusing on boundaries, aloneness, critical causes, worry and nervousness as well as the joys of sound and comment that can connect us to the heavens celestially.

This is a great time for teachers and singers of all sacred works!

The 7 Cycle for the USA now moves into the 9 month, which requires us to remain focused and connect with our true beings so that we can ascertain when to hold on and when to let go. This is a key cycle for gratitude and self-mastery.

In both cycles, the water element and trust are so important at this time. Why? Because trust in self keeps our connection tied to the Divine within us and beyond us. The connection is fueled especially by the 2nd (water) chakra.

So to protect and present ourselves in full strength we must keep the water element moving within ourselves as well as take regular breaks around water – whether by a pool, a pond or a bubbly bath. The yoga sets we will be doing this month will all focus on the water element and aspects of building trust.

Here we are in the midst of winter and only here in the Southwest and in Florida, in our northern hemisphere, might we have a chance to enjoy water outdoors. Still, even on the cool days, there are inviting pools, ponds and thrilling creeks.

Last weekend Hari Nam and I drove up into snow country and enjoyed water in its frozen state, walking on icy paths by snowy fields. That’s water too!

Most important in these two cycles is our relationship to sound, in its most inspirational encounters.

I remember the first time I advised someone to regularly play and sing a beloved old hymn, “Amazing Grace.” They couldn’t believe I had advised that.

But it is true. Nothing is more inspiring to the soul than singing that hymn while replacing the expression “that saved a wretch like me,” with the phrase “that saved a soul like me.”

Of course all hymns, all inspiring music that you sing out loud (not just listen to) will do the trick. What’s wrong with listening? Using your voice makes the You in you work.

That means if someone comes up to you with a request or a problem, give them a beautiful breath to do, or a yoga posture. Suggest they walk among trees or by a stream, or sit with a friend for awhile.

The number 9 (USA February Cycle) is best known for gratitude, so find ways to be grateful often. The number 7 (Planetary February Cycle) grows with speech and uplifting music

A year ago this evening, we rushed my dear hubby Hari Nam Singh to the hospital emergency room where his agony was described as severe inflammation of the gall bladder.

This began a week of simple to suddenly life-threatening, complex surgeries to stem massive internal bleeding. The entire week I stayed with him in ICU, night and day, often for hours singing the well known Guru Ram Das meditation he so loves.

There were times his life hung in the balance. All I could do was chant and pray and let God carry him through.

Well, as many of you know, we were all successful and so tonight we contacted the small but steady group of folks who were there with us, praying and doing Reiki Energy for him, bringing me food, and taking his visiting dear Mom back and forth to our home for an evening of rest.

Hari Nam and I are both so grateful for this past year together. With all the problems we have faced this past year - for us, his trauma came fortunately about a week before COVID 19 struck hard - we are so blessed for all the help he and I both received and the love that continues to grow between us both.

For those who want to build their energies with us, come join us every Monday morning to do the appropriate yoga and meditation set for each progressive week. Or go grab a yoga manual and just turn to sets having to do with the nervous system or aura, completion and Divine sound.

Being in the light is all it takes. We were in Divine Light a year ago and we still are.

Join us also for the 62-minute evening chant for Brahm Prakash (every month on the 21st at 6 p.m.) and on the Full Moon (next one on February 26th at 6 p.m.) to keep building your energies as well.

We are all teachers. We are all healers. We are all One with the One.

Bless you all,

January 31, 2021

© 2021 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved