Unusual Advent Calendar 2020 -Hubble Telescope Images

I'm sure by now many of you already have your Advent Calendar thumb tacked to the kitchen wall or taped to the refrigerator.

Growing up my mother always tacked one up on the kitchen wall next to the old phone also mounted to the wall. It usually was the kind of Advent calendar that had little “doors that you would open each morning to reveal a scene related to the Christmas season. It was a fun family tradition, and quite a challenge to a young boy to not peak behind the doors ahead of their proper time!

If you are not familiar with Advent, WhyChristmas.com and Wikipedia.com have quick summaries, and Etsy.com has many interesting Advent Calendars for sale.

This year my favorite one features stunning photographs from the Hubble telescope of what is out there in deep space. It is created by the publication TheAtlantic.com and is hosted on their website free of charge. When I meditate on those photos I really get the sense that there is a consciousness and order to both my life and also to the universe I live in. I find it hard to think of myself as significant when the universe is so vast and full of mysterious creation.


Hari Nam Singh
December 6, 2020

(Photo credit: NASA / HubbleSite.org)

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