"Numbers Behind The News" List Of Episodes

"Numbers Behind The News" Video Mini-Series
Explore The Numerology Behind The News

Hosted by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

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Sangeet launches a new short video series called “Numbers Behind the News” using her Blessings Code Numerology® System to gain insights into the news and the people making the news.

Sitting by her familiar flip-chart with brightly colored markers in hand, Sangeet gives us a neutral apolitical perspective on how a person's soul choices, personal cycles, annual cycles, karma, and other factors may be influencing people in the news.

In each episode, Sangeet brings humor, charm, and a unique and fascinating understanding of the “Numbers Behind the News!”

Episode 4: “The Presidential Race: Reading the Cycles” (14 minutes)
Sangeet looks at how the annual planetary cycle and the annual cycle for the U.S., along with the monthly cycles for November set the stage for the contest between the two candidates.

Then Sangeet shows us how the annual and monthly cycles for Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump interacted, moving each in and out of strong positions. It’s an interesting reveal.

Episode 3: “Mr. Biden, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama, And The U.S.A.” (14 minutes)
Take a quick look from an unusual perspective into the destiny of each of these prominent people. 

Episode 2: “Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden, and the U.S.A.” (20 minutes)
Delve into the commonalities and differences between the two candidates, their current and upcoming Personal Annual Cycles, and their relationship to the birth-chart of their country.

Episode 1: “Donald Trump: COVID Conundrum” (9 minutes)
What can a person's numerology chart possibly indicate about their health? Sangeet addresses the question from a numerology point-of-view as to whether or not Mr. Trump contracted the virus and the particular challenges and strengths he has regarding immunity.

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