NEW "Numbers Behind The News" Episode 4

“The Presidential Race: Reading The Cycles”
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Hosted by S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

In this latest episode featuring insights into the U.S. presidential race, Sangeet examines the impact of annual and monthly cycles.

Titled “Episode 4: The Presidential Race: Reading the Cycles”, (14 minutes) (click HERE for video) she looks at how the annual planetary cycle and the annual cycle for the U.S., along with the monthly cycles for November set the stage for the contest between the two candidates.

Then Sangeet shows us how the annual and monthly cycles for Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump interacted, moving each in and out of strong positions. It’s an interesting reveal.

You’ll want to watch the earlier Episode 3: Mr. Biden, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama, And The U.S.A” (click HERE for video) to get an even fuller comprehension of the dynamics at work. It’s simply a science with no politics or judgment implied.

Is the contest over? Well, the play of strengths goes on throughout the month. Watch this latest episode to find out for yourself!

May your numbers be fulfilling,

Hari Nam

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