October 2020 Numerology: TRUTH -Get A Health Check-up And Prepare!

The month of October every year has special significance in the numerology cycle of the Planet and in our progress through our own Personal Cycles. This year it is even more important. What we do this month and how we do it will reshape our lives and our world – in the coming months, throughout 2021 and beyond.

For most people October brings a major seasonal transition, while in the Northern Hemisphere we try to capture the last of summertime fun and warmth.

This year there is that extra need to get out and we have become a very impatient people – living through stages of lockdown, reopening, partial lockdown, and so forth.

So we are extra-impatient to get out and get something into action while we can. And this is indeed a month calling for action, though not necessarily the outdoor kind of action.

In the Blessings Code™ planetary numerology that I teach, this October is a 5 cycle. The energy of 5 always refers to the physical body, highlighting both its strengths and its challenges. It calls for us to check up on our health, improve our endurance and flexibility, and prepare for times of change.

Often at this time we want to get going, get moving with our plans, get into action. But first we need to protect our health.

This October, in particular, we must set a wiser course. It’s time to get a health check-up, to modify what we can and improve our immune system. We also need to check our physical property – car and house – and fix what we can. Don’t take big steps or activate big plans. All of nature is changing seasonal gears and we do not know if the “car” is ready to go forward, reverse itself or stay in idle or park.

On top of all that, October every year – no matter what the annual cycle – is the predictor month for the coming year’s Annual Cycle that starts in January. So you want to pay careful attention to what happens this month.

This is important. What we do at this time, this October, will affect not just the rest of this year but all of 2021 and beyond.

Now I am going to be very blunt and I am sharing this with you because I want everyone to see there are some coming challenges for which we must prepare. Yes, there are positive things we can do and some very real reasons for positive hope.

First, let me lay out the challenges. The virus is bound to surge again – it is already on the move. How do I know that?

This 5 Cycle month of October is the same as the cycle we were in this past January when 2020 began. It foretold a physical shift was coming – did we notice it? Not much. Our physical bodies, the planetary body, all physical structures (and organizations) would be affected and would have to change. By February – a 6 Cycle month – there would be challenges to our immune system; that happened with the virus. In March – a 7 Cycle month – we would be forced inside, in other words into lockdown; that happened.

Just looking at the balance of this year, we see a similar trend line between those early months and the upcoming months.

October will be like January when the start of the physical shift happened. If you’re still out playing in the sun and hanging out close to other people, take heed! Continue to take precautions. Make health changes now.

Because this coming November will be a 6 cycle, the same as February when the virus surged. The 6 energy always relates to challenges to the immune system, in other words our vulnerability to disease.

December will follow with a 7 Cycle, the same as March. The 7 always takes us inward, often in the form of being locked-in or what we see socially as a lockdown. Yes, again!

As the early months of 2020 progressed, we saw the fiery 8 Cycle in April bring out the fires of rage as folks were stuck too many weeks at home. Then in May the anger spilled out across the country in the 9 Cycle month when things generally fall apart; and they did, not just for social-issue reasons.

Unfortunately, some cities began to open up in May and it was the wrong time to do that. The 9 Cycle is always an ending cycle, not the time to do something new. Inside me I was shouting “No, it’s too soon. Wait until late June.” Why June? June was the 10 Cycle of New Beginnings when late in the month doors could begin to open safely. To start opening in May cut that opportunity off.

Luckily, there won’t be any remaining months this year to repeat the angry 8 and the breakdown of 9. Not this year. But this whole pattern will repeat again in the spring of 2021.

Stay tuned for upcoming months to see how numerology can help us navigate these times and then get ready for my Annual New Year Numerology Forecast in late December!

Whether we call these coming fall months (the pattern of 5/6/7) a resurgence of the initial pandemic pattern of the spring months of 2020 or a second wave, we will face many of the same challenges that we did at the start of this year.

So where is the hope in all this?

It is in the nature of all life that we face repeating challenges, and repeating opportunities to learn and grow. We get more skilled and wiser.

The hope lies in changing our ways, improving self-care and working for solid treatments.

In September we were given opportunities to pull away from the emotional reactive minds that have exaggerated polarities and divisions so that we could begin to move into more neutral, less emotional mindsets. Politics has continued to heighten divisions but some have grown weary of taking sides.

In October we have to make more progress in calming our reactions, slowing down our pace, recalibrating our minds to prepare for winter, indeed an unusual winter. And this is a good cycle – the 5 – to do all of that, to make adjustments, to begin working in new ways with the physical body, our institutions and the physical spaces in which we live.

This is a time to pursue our excellence, individually and as a collective. To drop the shouting and the blaming. To let the fires calm down and begin the process of rebuilding and renewing ourselves. We need to build physical strength, endurance and flexibility. Nothing works as well as yoga to produce these healthy effects. All of this puts the 5 energy to good use.

Focus also on the upcoming need to strengthen your immune system in preparation for the upcoming 6 Cycle of November. Start now to count your blessings, to see beauty in this world, to be in nature and bring growing things into your gardens and into your homes.

That will give you a good start for November.

Do I believe we can use these antidotes and turn things upward for better outcomes? Yes I do. I use these all the time and they work.

As we proceed forward I will share more resources for the coming months.

For now, use October to work on your flexibility, particularly joints, using yoga, taking walks, swimming where you can. And just as importantly become more flexible in your attitudes. Get out in nature. Walk on the land and take strength from all that grows and endures. Laugh, even at little things. Be playful and build your smiles.

I’m walking along with you, every step of the way!

Bless you all, always,

October 4, 2020

© 2020 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved