Did You Know Reiki Can Work Long Distance On You And Loved Ones?

Dear Healing Source Community,

Q: What do three of Sangeet's current clients have in common?

A: They all have returned home from the hospital after a successful surgery or progressive treatment. And they all have Sangeet playing an important role in their progress.

Q: So how does Sangeet assist in a person's well being? Especially since she does not need to visit in-person?

A: Over the past 30 years Sangeet has deepened and refined her masterful skills in a Japanese healing technique called "Long Distance Reiki Healing."

The Reiki healing system began in Japan in the late 1800s by Mikao Usui, a respected scholar and educator. In a deep meditative state the numerous Reiki techniques were revealed to Dr. Usui. He codified the system and helped thousands with serious health problems.

His techniques were passed on to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who documented the improvements in his patients' health status when Reiki was added to the conventional treatments at his Tokyo clinic. He became the next Reiki Grand Master and trained others to carry on this healing art.

When Japan was about to become deeply involved in World War II, Dr. Hayashi knew all those men he had trained as Masters would be pressed into service and likely die. As a way to preserve the Reiki healing system, he trained a remarkable woman as the next Grand Master – Ms. Hawayo Takata, a Hawaiian woman whom he healed of serious health problems. Through her work and the small core of Masters she trained this beautiful healing system known as Reiki spread throughout the West.

Sangeet's Reiki lineage traces directly to Mrs Takata, through one of the original 22 masters she trained directly. Sangeet is fortunate to be just 5 steps away from the originating source, Mrs. Takata. How wonderful! How fortunate for us!

Since 1988 Sangeet has worked with thousands of clients directly and by long distance and she has trained over 4,000 people to perform Reiki treatments for others. She has done countless Reiki interventions in medical situations – pre-surgery, during and post surgery in several area hospitals at the request of patients or their doctors.

Nowadays, her healing work is no longer done via direct treatments in her office. And that turns out to be okay with most people and they've switched over to long distance Reiki appointments.

At the set time Sangeet offers to call them before the appointment to “check in.” She then transmits the Reiki healing energy to them for an hour and afterwards calls them again to provide an opportunity for them to share as well as hear her response.

This is not a diagnostic tool, nor is there any guaranteed outcome. Reiki always serves the highest and best interests of each person. It flows to each person and, directed by that person’s soul and energies, is put to use by them in whatever best way is open at that time. For instance, sometimes a physical problem may have an underlying mental-emotional issue and Reiki will relieve matters on that level.

In most situations, the person receiving the energy feels some shifts physically or emotionally and even may pass into a meditative sleep known as “Reiki slumber.” This can be more restful than ordinary sleep. Quite often symptoms are relieved as Reiki works to address underlying causes.

Many people set a series of appointments, knowing this energy will continue to build each time it flows to them. Some ask her to transmit once a week without setting a specific appointment time and they have no need for feedback. Nonetheless Sangeet will message them at times with something meaningful.

Here are a couple of recent comments from clients who are close to loved ones in critical condition that Sangeet is working on weekly:

“Doctors and nurses are incredulous with his post-surgical advances...We all know that your prayers and Reiki are a key component in guiding and protecting him pre, during and post surgery.” (CS)

“He was feeling bad last couple of hours but (after Reiki) is feeling better now. Good work!” (DP)

Well I guess the word is getting out – Sangeet is an important ally in many situations.

So, if you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or just need some sanity, I encourage you to take Sangeet up on her offer and set an appointment today. Together we'll all get through these challenging times.

Blessings and good health to you all,

Hari Nam Singh

Note – if you would like Sangeet to work on you or someone important in your life, contact Sangeet by email through our Contact Us page HERE.

One hour sessions are just $85. And remember, Long Distance Reiki is not only helpful with the day-to-day stuff” in our lives, it is also a powerful ally in helping with health issues and surgery.

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