September 2020 Numerology: This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

This is the Month to Make Plans & Progress!

Hallelujah! After a tumultuous year so far, September can give us a time to make progress in our lives. It is an important gateway month when we can launch plans and activities that will carry us into 2021.

This is a 4 Cycle Month in the planet’s evolution, based on Blessings Code™ Numerology.

That means you can push away the clouds and mental fog and get a look at the bigger picture of where you are now and where you want to go. You can set a plan, even if it’s a mini-plan.

But what plan?

This month is the time to move from reactive mind to neutral mind, to step back and take a look at your bigger picture and upcoming goals in your life and from that to set some plans.

You can assess a number of things – including what may need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced in your living environment, how you can build your business, as well as what check-ups are needed on the health front.

Don’t let all that overwhelm you. You’re starting a process, setting a couple of plans with a few steps. Nothing has to be completed.

To make the best of this gateway opening, it is important now to take up meditative practices hat will help you achieve a more neutral mind-space, free of trying emotions and open to both reason and intuitive guidance.

This can begin quite simply by pausing for a moment and take 4 or 5 long deep breaths inhaled through the nose with the energy drawn deep into your belly, then exhaled with the belly easily deflating. It’s a cleansing breath that can break through emotions and interrupt the helter-skelter of thoughts. Do that several times a day.

You can take that a few steps further when you are ready. Using breathing patterns we learn in yoga, the simplest form of meditation and often the most powerful is an extension of long deep breathing.

Right now, take a few moments with me and experience this simple pattern. Please.

Begin by closing your eyes. Then slow your inhale down to a count of 7 and exhale to a count of 7. That’s a good rate to aim for. Was that a little struggle? Then begin with 5 inhale and 5 exhale until you are ready to go to 6/6 and then 7/7.

No pressure! The mind races as the breath rate increases. When you slow the breath down you can control your thoughts. It may take several breaths at the 5/5 rate, even a minute or two before you can reach the 7/7 rate. With “7 in and 7 out” your breath slows to about 4 breaths a minute and you move into a more peaceful, self-controlled state. Keep this breath going for 3-4 minutes and enjoy your new state of mental health!

Learn this breath with me at this Monday’s ‘Yoga With Sangeet’ class. In this class we will learn this breath together, then experience yoga postures (some easy, some a little challenging), a meditation, and then I invite you to just relax while I play the soothing tones of my favorite gong.

This yoga class is this Monday September 7th from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (Arizona time) and costs just $15. It will be broadcast live on our website ( and payment can be made right there. Easy peasy!

It is imperative that we achieve this more peaceful state especially now. September is the one window this year when we can take charge of our lives in some meaningful way. It starts with achieving more “clear-headed thinking.” With enough folks moving from emotional states to more clear-headed, reasonable states, our communities and our nation will be able to make progress as well.

Clear-headed states produce better levels of overall health, better communications, and greater success in so many ways.

The bigger picture you can see this month will support better actions taken now and throughout the year. The troubles we face may not dissipate as quickly as we like but we will be far better prepared to handle them and achieve better outcomes for ourselves and our families.

It all begins now. And as I have often said in my weekly classes, “Breathe and believe in you!”

Bless you in good health and strength in all ways!


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