“I Can Really Use An SOS Right Now”

Dear Family & Friends,

Are you feeling it? The Stress. The Pressure. The Uneasiness of an Uncertain Future?

Do you feel like Pulling your Hair Out? Or Saying Something you don’t Mean?

Well, then you need an “intervention” and an “SOS” or “Spirit of Sangeet” session may be just what you need!

Sangeet will help you take the “fire” out of the situation and restore some peace and tranquility, or at least some sanity!

Sangeet has helped thousands of people just like you transform their lives. She can help you too.

No challenge is too small or too large. Each of us, as well as our families and our nation, are dealing with grief, rage and so many emotions over the tsunami of seeing so many things that are unfair, feeling betrayed by our elders and thought leaders, and witnessing the deaths around us from the pandemic.

Allow Sangeet to help you progress in your processing and healing while acknowledging the rightness of your convictions. Moving to a path of hope allows change to become clear and actions more effective.

Set an appointment now by using our "Contact Us" page to email Sangeet. She will handle your email personally.

Sangeet wants you to succeed and not be pushed so much by the times.

To help, she is offering you a special rate for her one-on-one “SOS” sessions (by Zoom or phone) for just $135 for an hour session or $195 for an hour-and-a-half session through the end of September.

So, if you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or just need some sanity, I encourage you to take Sangeet up on her offer and set an appointment today. Together we'll get through this.

Blessings and health to you all,

Hari Nam Singh

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