“Spirit of Sangeet” - Your Special “SOS!”

Dear Family & Friends,

Sometimes we all need a little SOS.

And the Spirit of Sangeet is the remedy for so many.

 You Need An SOS.

Sangeet is here for you and with a SPECIAL SALE to help out in these challenging times. Sangeet's regular Hour-Long SOSsessions through the end of June – only $135. And for the first timeand only until the end of Juneshe is opening up Half-Hour SOS sessions for $85 each, focusing on specific topics arranged in advance: health, relationship, finance, or job.

Take this past week of SOS calls to Sangeet.

On Wednesday a lady in her late 60s was on the phone, calling in from Boston, Massachusetts, her voice full of concern for her daughter who lives several hundred miles away and is having issues with her husband. They can talk on the phone but, due to the restrictions of stay-at-home orders, they cannot get to each other. The mom is asking Sangeet how to advise her based on the numerology of her daughter and her husband.

The answers are being recorded for her. At the end, she is much more hopeful and grateful.

The day before another lady had called Sangeet from Fresno, California telling how she had been quite ill and had barely escaped the nasty virus. Medicine she had taken from a doctor-friend had come to her rescue. Sangeet tells her she has much good fortune in her birth chart, also stemming from great and good deeds she did in previous lifetimes that has earned her support from the heavens. She is in tears on hearing this and expresses gratitude to God.

A day later, another lady calls in from Los Angeles, California to ask Sangeet for advice on the best timing for a wedding of two young people she knows. The client listens carefully as Sangeet looks at the birth dates of the couple, checks their numerology and plots the best times for late summer and early fall. They are both glad they are on a conference call and the conversation is being recorded so the client can re-visit the conversation.

A businessman from Scottsdale, Arizona who used to travel across country for his job, calls Sangeet to see the prospects for working from home and what practices he can do to stabilize his business and clients in these challenging times. He is optimistic by the time the session ends.

Up until recent weeks, for a lot of folks who live in Phoenix, Arizona tapping into the Spirit of Sangeet meant enjoying her company on cozy chairs in her sunlit home office. For years there were also many, of course, who “sat” with her via phone from across the country, Canada and Europe.

Now the connection by phone and computer – whether audio or video chat – is the frequent lifeline people have for answers to crucial questions and difficult situations. In medical cases, Sangeet makes sure they have professional medical help. But in spiritual and real-life matters, they call on Sangeet.

Today, she just got a help-email from a long-time client now living in Thailand asking how they could chat as she no longer has a “U.S. phone.” “Why not use video chat on the computer? Sangeet writes back. She can literally hear a sigh of relief from the client.

Sangeet opens her virtual door to people with a variety of concerns. Most days she limits her client calls to only 2 or 3, as producing various internet classes in yoga and meditation takes up considerable time for her and her husband Hari Nam Singh.

Even in this new way, tapping into the “Spirit of Sangeet” for an hour or so will raise your spirits, will certainly can bring answers, comfort, solace and may even bring a whole new perspective on your life.

Set your SOS appointment with Sangeet by phone in Phoenix, Arizona (602) 265-9096 or by email via her website’s “Contact Us” page. Because everyone needs an SOS!

Blessings and health to you all,

Hari Nam Singh
May 12, 2020

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