The Mul Mantra -My "Forever Mantra"

Dear Family and Friends,

The first time you discover a mantra you can have mixed feelings. It can seem like something you will use for a long time or just something good for a 40-day stint with a specific purpose. At times a new mantra will just be a turn-off, totally unappealing.

Over 40 plus years experience chanting mantras (and nearly 40 years before that singing hymns, doing Gregorian and Latin chants) I guess I’ve experienced all varieties of these responses.

Kind of like the way people can seem when you first meet them. Little or no interest. A passing friend, a friend for a season, or on rare occasion a life-long friend.

So when I first met “the Mul Mantra” I thought it was a friend for a season. Yes I knew it was highly significant – it was the opening statement Guru Nanak made when he had his enlightenment, so I should love it.

I chanted it for awhile, then let it drop. Other mantras called to me and proved to be powerful allies. A decade or so later the Mul Mantra called to me again. I came to like the expressions, the sounds.

Then, when I learned the “Long Form of the Mul Mantra” that the Master treasured so much, I was absorbed in chanting it for a long time, over 400 days. It’s done by drawing out the syllables, one at a time. I would get lost in each sound traveling out through the universe, often forgetting what sound came next. I loved how it altered my mental-landscape, allowed me to embrace and accept other mantras and even difficult people with a now found patience.

But then this mantra slipped back out of sight again.

Now it is exactly two years after my soul left the earth plane and was taken Home to heaven (my “re-birth date” - April 24, 2018). The Masters and saints in the fourth and highest heavenly realm told me I had finished my destiny and I was welcomed Home. Yet I chose to take up a new assignment (destiny). In saying that, the core Me changed and this mantra became a major key to understanding my true nature.

When you read my translation or hear me describe it in my short video you’ll see how the Mul Mantra has become quite personal to me. It holds an intimate connection and understanding that this mantra can share with you. Because it shows us who we really are, our true nature, if and when we are willing to live as one with God.

I invite you to explore yourself through this mantra. Allow it time and let it work into your spiritual pores. Breathe with it. Chant it daily for 40 days or longer. It could well become your forever mantra as it has become mine.

TAP HERE to learn this Important Meditation!

I gift it to you now, on my “re-birth day”!

Bless you always in good health and happiness,

April 24, 2020

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