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November 2019 Numerology: A Time For Excellence -Move Your Feet & Up Your Fire!

Dear Family and Friends,

‘Tis the season of Autumn and cooler temps have arrivedfor many of us, lower temps somewhat sooner than normal. Here in central Arizona our nights have dipped down into the 50s, even high 40s.

This is the time to raise your metabolic fires and there’s no better way than a daily walk, paced between slow, moderate and more vigorous. Experts tell us 15 minutes is just fine, if you don’t stop to talk with someone or smell the roses still showing their pretty faces here in Phoenix.

In planetary numerology, November is a 5 month – all about the physical body – a time to build strength and endurance and flexibility. This also supports our ability to make wiser choices and re-examine priorities.

Whatever the coming winter season may look like to you in your neck of the woods, now is the time to prepare as winter can make many sedentary.

You’ll be able to measure the rewards of your daily walks if you get a pulse oximeter clipped to a finger to check your oxygen saturation levels in the blood and heart rate before, during and after you walk. Breathe deep and literally raise yourself up as you walk! That means, even if you walk with a companion, don’t talk very much – that induces shallow breathing.

You want your oxygen levels of at least 92-95 (never below 89) and a heart rate no higher than the 70s unless you’re really pushing hard. (As many of you know, the pulse/heart rate always goes up to support your extra effort and keep your blood oxygen levels strong.)

I use an oximeter sometimes when I walk, especially at altitudes above 4,000 feet which can affect my body’s ability to oxygenate properly.

So let’s build those Os, and rev up for the coming winter!

This month in my Monday morning yoga classes (9:30-10:45 a.m. at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale, AZ) I’m going to be leading a progressive series on meditative Breathwalk®, a gift our beloved Teacher Yogi Bhajan gave us years ago. This features segmented breathing with the walking steps we take timed to specific breath sequences while doing a silent or whispered mantra (“Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” is most common). You can easily adapt this for walking around your the block or out on a country path.

I will also be leading yoga focused on building flexibility, the spine and modest endurance. Other meditations will support all of this as the month’s classes progress through four basic sub-themes week to week. These are all chosen to get the best out of ourselves as the Planetary Numerology shifts.

While many experts will give you good health reasons why you must keep your body toned and working well, there is a deeper spiritual reason: the soul was given the physical body to experience its excellence and, in doing so, express gratitude to the Divine. Whether you climb a “molehill” in your back yard or a “14-teener” as we North Americans call our highest peaks, when you get to the top there’s almost always some expression on your mind or coming out your mouth like, “Thank God I did it!”

What a joy to feel that grateful! Carry it on through Thanksgiving and all the December holidays well into the New Year.

In the early 1980s at a Winter Solstice gathering in Florida, Yogi Bhajan gave us this simple understanding: “The purpose of life is to experience your excellence and then go Home.”

Well this month is a prime time to experience your excellence. Put aside your complaints, your downcast comparison of how poorly you think you did compared to 5 or 10 years ago, or compared to others who are younger or more skilled. Excellence and gratitude. A Divine experience!

A coming highlight you won’t want to miss – join us here at my home or live online at our website on Nov. 19th (6 p.m. Phoenix time) for our 2-1/2 hour Master Meditation that engages the masters to carry our prayers around the planet. This time we are using the mantra “Humee Hum, Brahm Hum,” done in a manner that Yogi ji called “a hidden secret of youth.”

Sending you all love, light and blessings,

November 3, 2019

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