These 2 Key Numerology Numbers You Must Know to Make The Best of 2019

THIS Saturday!
Sangeet's Highly Anticipated ANNUAL NUMEROLOGY FORECAST For 2019

Knowing These 2 Very Powerful and Revealing Numbers is like a
Great Big Torch Lighting up Your Path Across the 12 Months of 2019

That's right -make these 2 crucial numbers Work For You so you can Get The Best out of what is shaping up to be A Challenging 2019.

“We [my husband and I] have something to share about that [last year’s “Sangeet’s Numerology Forecast for 2018” presentation]. You gave us a little sentence about what each month would be. And we went by that and unbelievably it was Spot On and it helped us through this year.”

--Judi Devi Chandra Kaur

These 2 special numbers very few people know about and even fewer know how to make them work for Your Maximum Benefit.

They are called the “Planetary Cycle Number” and the “Personal Annual Cycle Number” and knowing how to use them is like having Your Very Own Gigantic Telescope that helps you see into Your Future One Month at a Time. These numbers are both widely applicable and personally exclusive to you.

Come to Sangeet's workshop this Saturday December 29th.

She’ll teach you all about these 2 Amazing Numbers and how to use them.

Sangeet will also give you her 30 page Numerology Guide you can use throughout 2019.

And you'll leave with Your Own Great Big Shining Torch lighting your Path through the months of 2019!

Date: Saturday December 29, 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Anahata Yoga, 14148 N 100th St., Suite C-130, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (Tap for Map)
Fee: $39 Register on Anahata's website: Or by Phone: (480) 699-9600

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