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November (& December) 2018 Numerology: Illusion, Delusion, Opinions Galore, Truth & Consequences

Sat Nam & Warmest Holiday Greetings Dear Family & Friends,

Yes, the usually-festive final two months of 2018, based on the Planetary Numerology of 13/4 and 5, are all about all of that.

Opinions abound in November (what a setting for our elections!), along with all varieties of illusion, tricky yet seductive delusions, more or less relevant truths and the consequences we face this month and throughout December.

As we move through the mental vibes of November we must call on Neutral Mind that comes from the meditative capacity to see the fuller picture and take a broader perspective that goes beyond polarities and differences. The key to that is the Meditative Mind. This doorway is especially accessible to us now and in any 4 month, or we can get mired in the rational mind that argues and defends its position.

Then we pass into December, the 5 month, which calls on us to achieve a state of balance and strengthen ourselves to see and accept change as it appears to be necessary. The number 5 is also the number of the star, seemingly applicable to the star of Christmas, yet also imploring us to raise ourselves up and stand with courage as Rajasic (noble) and Saatvic (Divine) humans who can reach the stars in our faith and with our deeds.

Actions always speak louder than words. So by understanding actions in December we can see the truths beyond the illusions and delusions of November.

What can we do to gain these greater insights?

The elevated heart of gratitude – the highest culmination of 4 and 5 that adds to a 9 – is the single most important state of being we can achieve. What better time to practice that now, as we here in the US celebrate our national Thanksgiving. I have long prayed we could inspire people of spirit around the world to set aside differences and gather on this or some other day just for giving thanks.

With gratitude we heal. With gratitude we cool the fires raging on land and in people’s minds. With gratitude we can come together.

Here are some useful techniques.

  • Slow your breathing down. Most people take 20-25 breaths a minute – a racing impact that makes us so emotional! Practice “4 to 1 breath” (see our meditations section for a short how-to video HERE). Use it and you’ll get in control of the racing mind, eventually slowing to 4 breaths a minute and a relaxed state of gratitude and healing.
  • Each morning rise with prayers and songs of praise and gratitude. We may count all the losses and negatives we see in the news, but let’s be grateful for our lives, our abundance and our blessed nation!

In becoming a kinder friend to yourself you become a kinder friend to all. Then you can see the world through compassion, not just passion.

Bless you for all your love, your prayers and support this past year. I am grateful for each and all of you in every class I teach, as I have been throughout all the months I went through major surgery and recovery. You and the Divine lifted me up and made profound healing happen!

My heart is one with your hearts. The heavens sing, chant and dance in gratitude with us! Sending love and hugs to you all!

Bless you in all ways always!

November 17, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.