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March 2019 Numerology: Focus on Sacred Space, Your Heart, Home & Commitments

Dear Ones,

In the month of March we are in a 6 Planetary Cycle while evolving through this year’s 3 Annual Cycle.

That means at this point in time we must be steady in our present commitments, avoid over-committing. We must spend more time in our “sacred space” which at home is our personal meditative space, and also protect the energetic home of our soul, our heart. It would be easy to “give away” our heart foolishly this month and make our personal and business commitments too many, too heavy and frankly impossible to achieve.

This is a time to embrace yourself and your own true value in this world.

What do we do to get the best out of this month?

Spend extra time in meditation, take walks in nature, especially a wooded path and amidst flowers. Do those things which bring out the sunshine in your smiles and your world will be brighter for that.

If you have a garden, start the spring planting or planning process now. In still-cold climates, tend to growing flowers and greenery indoors. If you’re a rose lover as I am, I’m looking at catalogs now to order bare-root roses for my expanding rose garden. This winter I got the David Austin Roses catalog -wow, make that a "double wow!"

On the health side, prepare for internal spring cleaning with a light de-toxing regimen. This is a month when we must build strength in our immune system. Many protocols help and many are herb-based. For long-term immune health I like to take astragalus, using simple drops in my Yogi Tea or cooking the tea with astragalus root in it.

Here are some references to "astragalus":


For better home and heart health, start by clearing out some no-longer-needed items that pile up in closets and corners. Add to your yoga practice those kriyas and breath techniques that build the Arc-line energy field just above your head. Take care to commit or make promises that you know you can keep, especially those promises to yourself.

I’m teaching yoga sets and meditations in my 9:30 am Monday Morning Kundalini Yoga Classes that highlight a number of good practices for the 6th Energy Body, progressing week-to-week as sub-themes evolve. This coming Monday (March 18 at Anahata Yoga Sound and Energy Healing, Scottsdale, AZ-Click To Register) I’m teaching a favorite meditation of mine known as “Hast Kriya.” You can find it on line or join us in class!

Have a happy heart month, awaken greater love for yourself within yourself, and smile on this world – it surely needs all our smiles!

Bless you in all ways always!

March 10, 2019

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