Worlds Oldest Woman Is Mostly... Vegetarian!

Koku Istambulova was born on June 1st, 1889 according to her Russian passport and pension papers. That makes Ms. Istambulova 129 years old, and the oldest person alive!

The Daily Mail has a very interesting article on the life of Ms. Istambulova HERE.

Living through World War I and II, being one of the 400,000 in the Chechen roundup and exile to Kazakhstan and Siberia, the Bolshevik revolution, the Russian civil war, and two Chechen wars left her with very little room for optimism, or to even have a good day.

The article has many photos that give a strong sense of the hardships of life, pre-WWII and post-WWII for life in Russia, Chechnya, and the Caucasus mountains part of the world.

I encourage you to read the story. I know for myself, my day-to-day challenges seem pretty insignificant now...

Final thought, if you were born in 1960 and lived a long life of 129 years, you'd still be alive in the year 2089!

Would you embrace living past your 129th birthday?

Breathe deep and smile,

Hari Nam Singh
October 1, 2018

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