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October 2018 Numerology: Keep Everything Positive! November Is Coming...

Dear Friends & Family,

October each year is a predictor month in Planetary Numerology based on the Blessing Code™ system. October gives us a little taste of what the coming year can be like – the year that starts in January 2019. So energy changes and often doesn’t look at all like what the previous months gave us.

This has been an 11 Cycle Year when spiritual growth, building our spiritual practices and transformation were important, including testing the spiritual nature of our relationships. Of course, all on the spiritual path are aware that we are tested continually.

If you have learned this system from me you know that October is a 3 month. That challenges our ability to stay positive and focused, and brings a predisposition to take on too much, whether for business or personal reasons.

So the antidote is to politely decline doing a number of things – in fact, say no to 3 out of every 4 things that come your way.

Put fun events into your life yet don’t overdo it on late hours. The art of staying positive, from a yoga perspective, is what gives our minds the ability to meditate and reach for the neutral mind with all its gifts of intuition.

There is a larger significance in terms of community when a 3 Cycle happens. This cycle brings outreach into the larger society and often calls up difficult social issues. In this case we face a growing emotionalism around key socio/politico issues which we have certainly seen rising this year.

Since we face mid-term elections in November, this means that the month of October will likely bring increasing unrest and discord right up to the election day on November 6th. While November will be a 4 month where we would hope for some order to resume, this time that 4 is a specialty 13/4 month (a 4 that comes from a 13). That means opinionated outspokenness will be everywhere.

The actual election day of November 6th falls on a 10 Cycle day which indicates new beginnings and some change in the existing order. An overall new plan will likely emerge.

Understand these cycles have impacts on each of our lives individually. The stress of social discord, and the push of taking on too much and feeling more emotional in October must be resolved in some personal decision-making to enable us in November to revise our forward plans and give us a fresh start as needed.

So what we do this month is vitally important to us as individuals, a members of our families and our communities.

First off we have to reduce the stress and discord in ourselves! That means we must work to stay positive no matter what. Don’t be drawn into negativity and belligerent bickering. Listen more than talk. Witness and be reflective to avoid making brash decisions.

Among all the voices you will hear on TV, in print, and on social media, let your voice be the loudest and most impressive.

Listen to yourself chanting in meditation every day – the voice of a calm and peaceful authority!

What meditation? As I have stressed many times, the best meditation in any 3 Cycle is Kirtan Kriya or “Sa Ta Na Ma.” It pulls you out of anger and depression, defeatism and discord into calm.

Here’s a LINK to a page I wrote on how to do Kirtan Kriya. I also recorded awhile ago this meditation set to music to make it easier to learn. This CD and download is available HERE on InvincibleMusic.com.

It’s a simple 18-minute version, done in the “three voices” that Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan taught us. It starts with the chanting voice or the voice of the human, moves to the whisper voice of the lover, then into silence which he called “the voice of the Divine,” and comes back into whisper and then chanting.

Please do this practice daily for 40 days. The cumulative impact is amazing! This chant helps to release stress and tension, subconscious concerns and the buildup of karma from this and previous lifetimes.

For reinforcement using yoga breath-work, do 3-7 minutes daily of “4 to 1 Breath.” If you are unfamiliar or need a quick refresher on technique, I teach how to do this very important pranayam (breath technique) in THIS Video.

When you chant you touch the heavens and bring a vast level of peace down onto the earth plane. This is so sorely needed at this time.

I am joining you in our “community chant for peace” every day. The Divine is covering us and, no matter what outcomes we see, we are being cared for in all ways.

Bless you in all ways always!

October 1, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.