Quick Update On Sangeet's Health (August 18, 2018)

We are happy to report that Sangeet continues to recover, step by step, from her month-long hospitalization in April and May. She has begun a new level of physical therapy to assist the lower spine after her laminectomy and subsequent Emergency Room stay.

There are, of course, "good" days, "better" days and the all too frequent "God, why did you give me this body? This one really hurts!" days. That has been the situation this past two weeks. She always smiles and is polite and kind, even when things are tough.

To combat her lung condition Sangeet has begun using nebulized Glutathione twice daily and is now incorporating herbal remedies created for her by her specialist at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sangeet's nutrition, as always, is vegan and gluten-free and is built around a variation of the classic and wholesome Indian recipe known as kitcharie. The chef? Her husband Hari Nam Singh, of course!

We are also happy to report that Sangeet is now seeing two clients a day, two or three days a week, mostly by phone.

So set an appointment with Sangeet and get an enjoyable "Checkup" to see where you are at. Call her office in Phoenix, Arizona at (602) 265-9096. Most sessions can be done by phone, and credit cards are welcome.

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