August 2018 Numerology: Take Heart! A Fresh Start Is On The Way!

Dear Family and Friends,

This is an amazing month, albeit a little slow to come into its full positive power. A 10 month (in the planet's numerology) can be a little like a rocket launch – mostly setting off a lot of smoke and spent fuel gushing out until something finally happens.

Nonetheless you can count on things eventually rising, and so they will. After all, this is an 11 Cycle year and the heavens are preparing us for better and brighter things.

We are in the midstream of the month; in fact tomorrow is the 18th when we observe the special opening across our planet that increases the power of our meditations and prayers. And just as this is a 10 month, the 18th is a 10 day.

What can we do individually to take advantage of this time? Normally I would suggest a courage-building type of meditation, and there are many. Most certainly repeating the word “Victory!” as the Master Yogi Bhajan urged us to do is in order now. It works, even repeated silently just in your mind. It doesn’t matter what the need is, use it.

My choice right now is the chant known as the “Long Form of the Mul Mantra” to help us shift our frequency into the higher vibrations of the New Age that is slowly but surely awakening around us. A major shift will occur in September. You won’t find any recording of this mantra except one I made to help people learn how to do it. That’s because this mantra is meant to be done “a capella” or on your own.

What is coming in September? A new level of “partnership consciousness” and that means all types of partnership – with our loved ones, with our connection to the Earth, and with our connection to the heavens.

Are you ready? Well this month will prepare us for that important next step into September. I'll tell you more about September's shift in my next article.

Bless you in all ways always!

August 17, 2018

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