Gadzukes! It’s Ghosts and Goblins in Mid-July!

Dear Family & Friends,

Well here we are in a typical Phoenix summer muggy-monsoon heat wave and strangely it feels more like the zany critters from Halloween are with us.

That’s based on the ghosts, goblins and emotional heavies that I see many folks experiencing at this time. Perhaps it reads more like “A Mid-Summer Night's Nightmare.”

Some are dealing with ill and dying parents with critical heart issues. Others are experiencing mysterious happenings or plans gone awry. So many are facing major and unexpected challenges. The hidden is appearing. There may be an understandable reason. Based on Planetary Numerology, we’re in a 9 Cycle month in an 11 Cycle year, giving us some very real challenges to our spirit.

Don’t give up, give in or give out! Keep up your spiritual practice!

Need some help? We surely could use something designed for these rambunctious times. And that calls for a winning chant, one to combat negativity in general and fire us up to help us defeat our personal goblins.

Well to do that I’m pulling out an old friend, the #1 mantra to deal with darkness and negativitythe “Sat Narayan” chant also known as the “Chotay Pad Mantra.” It connects you to the universal water element – calming in itself. It is known to promote inner peace and bring happiness and prosperity. Yet it also arms you with the power to eradicate inner and outer demons with the healing tsunami wave of your purified presence.

According to Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan,

Sat Narayan is the most powerful ashtang (8-part) mantra. It cleanses out the subconscious as well as impurities from your surrounding... When perfected, man rules the heavens.

Chanting this mantra will heal and cleanse the waters of our emotional bodies and help us to live in the flow of light that aligns us with Infinity. It brings us to the perfection of all action by which we learn to go with the flow.

So right now, at this time in mid-July, I’m suggesting you put this chant into action, for yourself and to help others. You can connect to this chant on our Meditations Menu and start with 11 minutes a day. You can also join us on our on-line broadcast on July 18th as this will be the featured chant for our monthly 2-1/2 hour Journey to Brahm Prakash Meditation.

There is yet another meditation gift that will be useful for you, whether you need it now or at some time later. In your lifetime, you will put it to use many times. This is the Akaal Chant (click for meditation), done to assist a soul departing from their physical body. It helps the soul to rise and lose its earthly bonds.

For those who may be grieving for a departing soul at this time, chanting Akaal can be the antidote, the gift that you can give a beloved one as never before when they were still in their physical form. The chant can be done for 11 minutes each day for 17 days after the soul has left the body. Its haunting and beautiful tones can work miracles. Translated, it means eternal, deathless and it is the call Home that helps all souls to rise. You'll find this chant on our Meditations Menu.

Looking ahead to the future? Well, based on the Earth's cycles, August should become more positive as it unfolds. I’ll address that in my next blog.

Bless you in all ways always!

July 17, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.