July 2018 Numerology: Stay True To You!

Dear Family & Friends,

A bright young woman who is a prominent college teacher spoke to me recently about how disoriented she has become midst the pressures of the unsteady personalities of others in her department. Perhaps some of you are feeling jostled by unsteadiness in close quarters to you or in the divisive, raucous “body politic” across our country, echoed in other countries as well.

There is only one way through this: you, your personality, must stay steady. You must stay true to you. True to your values, to knowing what is really important to you and your forward progress. These do not change day to day and they keep you steady despite pressures that could move you off your resolute self.

In my own recent experience, coming home from a month-long difficult stay in 3 hospitals, I found this re-orientation so important. A re-newed me had come about, rooted in my daily spiritual practice at the start of each day.

I thought I had witnessed that during my final week in the hospital but it didn’t show itself so starkly until I got home and sat down at my computer.

Among many things that had piled up in my absence were more than 3000 emails in my primary email box. In the past this would have taken me perhaps two hours to dutifully comb through, take notes, file in the right folders and respond to some where appropriate. It would have been quite a task.

My mouse finger hovered close to the delete button, since I usually drop some off that are newsletters I no longer follow. And then I started. Entry after entry I hit “delete” until it became nearly a dash. Of course, I paused from time to time, if something was sent by a dear client or student, and marked it for follow up. But mostly it was “delete, delete delete...” To my surprise, I processed ALL 3000 emails in LESS THAN 20 MINUTES!

What was happening?

I queried myself and then I heard what my mind’s voice had been saying with each message I deleted – “Unimportant, unimportant unimportant...” So what it a newsletter heralded a new use for Vitamin C? Another delved into some economic issue. Yet others gave bright new ideas on dozens of subjects.

I used to love getting all of them (well most). What had changed? I had changed.

Coming back from the realm of death, my perspective and priorities had shifted. I knew I had a new destiny, and while all those ideas are still important in the larger scheme of things, they would sidetrack me. They were definitely of interest but they were no longer core to the values that I knew would further me at this time.

Now, in your own world, this month of July – and throughout the rest of this 11 Spiritual Cycle year – ask yourself how you can sharpen your focus to weed out so many pursuits of interest so you can focus in on those which support your highest values.

Question... Do you watch one more Netflix shows at night or spend another hour or so catching up on Facebook, or do you close that all down and chose to go to bed at a time which will better prepare you for engaging in your spiritual practice before sunrise?

Yes, you might miss out on something. But do you want to take a chance on missing out on you – that bright, intuitive beautiful Divine You that can experience oneness with God? That You who experiences You and then with radiance in your face and in your step carries that to others in your day, your life.

This is the time, now before July starts, to lock into that experience of you. Start with a simple meditation before sunrise. Any meditation. If you are uncertain what meditation to do, may I suggest “Ardas Bhaee.” I have a video on my website that will teach you how to do it and you can chant with it for 11 minutes. Click HERE for the meditation video.

For those who celebrated the Summer Solstice on June 21st (as many of you did at our annual 3HO Yoga Festival in New Mexico), you can chose any meditation you did there and keep doing it throughout July.

For everyone else, use the energy of the Full Moon which carries through June 30th, to help jump-start you on a more solid meditation each morning as July progresses and completes. If this pesky 9 Cycle brings a hiccup or unexpected challenge, don’t stop to worry. Just keep chanting. Yes, throughout July.

That’s why I decided to make my “live debut” with the June Full Moon instead of waiting until July when I’ll be stronger. Am I ready to lead a chant live? Yes, because the support is there. Even through my gradual recovery period so far, with far more to go, the support is there for me.

How come? Because I know my values and I live them so that I am of more value in this world, and to each of you.

That support is there for you as well. Know your values, live them and practice them.

If that 9 Cycle in July is troublesome, just remember that although it is known as an ending cycle that doesn’t have to mean things end then. It also means what ends could resume again. So chant and give all things a chance.

To get to this point in my recovery I am so full of gratitude to all of you. Your prayers, healing energy and support in so many forms have helped me immensely through all my challenges. I will continue to recover vitality, balance and renewed spirit as I progress over the next 2-3 months. And in the coming weeks I will slowly begin to teach again and see and hug many of you!

Let us together continue to keep up, knowing that basic truth our beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan often told us: “Keep Up and you’ll be kept up.”

I can attest to the fact that nothing is as important as keeping up with all that sustains your spiritual core. Physical, mental and emotional crises all bow to spirit. A life of spirit built on sacred sound current opened the doors Home for me and then brought me back again to share many truths. Above all, the Divine is alive in You! Chant!

Bless you in all ways always!

June 27, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.