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June 1, 2018: Sangeet's Upbeat Message For June Numerology & "Other Things"

Greetings Dear Friends & Family!

You know how some times you start doing one thing and then two others jump in and you end up with something larger than you intended? Well that’s what happened with this video and my “June message.”

You see, a couple of days ago Hari Nam asked me to record a message for the May 29th Full Moon Meditation, so I opened with comments on that event as it relates to this beautiful time of year.

But of course how could I not go on to talk about the flowers and emergence without moving into the month of June just 3 days away? So I went on to speak at some length about the numerology of June and the opportunities for us at this time.

Well, then it only made sense to give a suggested meditation for June which also happens to be the meditation we will be broadcasting for our amazing 2-1/2 hour Brahm Prakash event on the evening of June 18th.

So this video has multiple purposes and many values. Thus it become my June blog.

So let’s jump into the core of what I said and wrote at that time...

Tonight we welcome in the best of ourselves! This is the feminine nurturing time the North American tribes also recognized as the Mother’s Moon, the Milk Moon and the Corn Planting Moon.

The profundity of nature resides in the emergence of the feminine. So we celebrate our feminine consciousness together tonight.

Just as flowers are blooming having emerged fro their cocoons, I too am emerging from the cocoon of rebirth that came with my recent month-long hospitalization. The time could not be more fitting.

This night may not quite be June but it sure feels like it. Everything is in bloom! And that’s the theme for the 8 Planetary Cycle all during the month of June. Come out of your Spring slumbers and bloom, get into action!

Put any plans you have into play, take time to get out in nature and breathe! Open your wings and fly, fly fly!

This coming month sets the course for the balance of the year. It’s a time to start new things, put extra energy into anything you’ve delayed doing and look ahead into whatever it will take to keep you happy and laughing.

What you do now in June will help assure that the rest of 2018 continues a strong upward path.

So let’s make it a time for self-victory!

That’s why we’ve chosen a true power mantra to broadcast all day on June 18th, in our important 2-1/2 hour meditation we do each month which is known as the Journey to Brahm Prakash. The mantra just right for this occasion is “Dharti Hai, Akash Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai.” (Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya) On that day join us at any time so that we can engage the heavens in this mighty path of victory and peace.

Peace within you, peace through you, peace blooming from you to all!

I urge all of you to make this your mantra for the entire month of June. This is your declaration of the God-in-You, a bringing together of Earth and Heavens in the white light of Guru Ram Das that spreads love and peace from your heart.

I made an instructional video on this meditation (CLICK HERE) that you'll enjoy, especially if this your first time doing this meditation. The video will guide you through the hand/arm positions that go with the chant. Do it for 11 minutes daily throughout June and feel the uplift!

In the weeks ahead I look forward to my own personal emergence that will bring me directly into your presence again as a teacher, a counselor, and as a yogi on my favorite meditation mat.

Bless you in all ways always!

June 1, 2018

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