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April 2018 Numerology: April Is Blooming – It’s A Time for the Rising Heart!

Dear Family & Friends,

Surely Spring is on the rise almost everywhere by now and so too is the heart, and the heart matters very much this month. April is a 6 Cycle Month in the Blessings Code Numerology™ of Planet Earth and 6 is all about the heart.

What about the heart matters?

 Well, relationships of course and matters around the home – folks who live with you, improvements you want to make or even a change of address. Yet there is something far more profound happening, because the 6th Energy Body and its related Cycles in time bring up the need to honor our promises and commitments to ourselves and to others.

So, first off, TAKE HEART! This is our time to let the happy heart rule. How?

There are DO’s and DONT'S.

The big DON'TS?

  • Don’t over-commit, which means seriously re-consider making any new commitment.
  • Don’t forget to be present to listen and engage with your loved ones.
  • Don’t shy away from problems or difficult people.
  • Just be present with elevating thoughts and responses.

On the DO-side of things -

  • Do keep promises you’ve already made, even if that means parsing them down into step-by-step actions.
  • Promise yourself gracious, happy things that will bring you joy and deliver on those promises for yourself (every day!).
  • Promise yourself yoga and meditation daily and deliver on that.
  • Promise yourself to slow your breath down several times a day to help de-stress.
  • Give yourself smiles and share them with others, especially when stress hits and times are down.
  • Coming from your heart, live as the gift and blessing you know you are and share that with others.
  • Tend your garden of life – at home, in your business, with all your friends. Everyone is a beautiful flower and some just need a little extra coaxing to bloom.

Looking at physical health this month, our immune systems are under pressure and need support, especially if we entered this month already exhausted from doing too much in March. That’s why keeping our commitments in line is so important.

So increase easy exercise, such as the meditative form of walking I’ve mentioned often before this known as Breathwalk,” or simply sit and enjoy doing any form of segmented breathing which I’ve also recommended. Click HERE for the video to learn how to do "4-to-1" Breath.

Included in this month’s offerings from us is the video of the wonderful February Valentine's Day Kundalini yoga class I taught at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale. The class is called Kundalini Yoga -'Reaching The Infinite Heart' A Special Class To Lift Heart And Mind As One With Yoga, Breath, And Meditation.Click HERE for the yoga class video.

The class focuses on building and balancing heart and mind energies. It’s a winner to practice all this Spring!

One Special Note: Our Journey to Brahm Prakash Master Meditation on April 18th will be available only on-line at our website (starting April 17th) as I will be away starting on the 16th for some clean-up surgery on my lumbar spine. I expect to return to the office about April 26th. Click HERE for the Brahm Prakash Meditation.

We will be chanting “Ardas Bhaee”  and the chant will be available continuously on our website from April 17th through April 30th, and please add your prayers to ours for a healthy recovery. “Ardas Bhaee”  is the “prayer that answer all prayers,” even those you don’t know you need to put into your prayers! (Again, click HERE for the Brahm Prakash Meditation.)

Bless you in all ways always!

April 16, 2018

©2018 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.