Digital, Yet None The Less, Warm Holiday Hugs!

Dear Healing Source Family and Friends,

Wow, things are surely changing!

This has truly become an electronic age and we do our best to honor that with our social media posts and dedicated email stories that you can view quickly or go into in depth on our website. Everything has entered the realm of digital delivery – our meditation videos, our fun travel blogs, even birthday greetings.

But Christmas cards? You know, these cheery paper cards that used to arrive in numbers and be hung up around the fire place or around the Christmas tree?

Is it just us, or have you folks noticed they’re getting fewer and fewer year after year?

Not all that many years ago (maybe 5) there was an annual tradition at our home when someone on our staff and I would be writing personal messages on fancy cards for 300-400 folks. We would review the list each year, decide which of the over 1000 folks on our mailing list were most often with us in classes that past year, and then begin writing, addressing and mailing them. It took many long hours over several days but it was also a lot of fun.. We knew they would likely arrive after Christmas, but we hoped the words we wrote would bring a lot of smiles. They were remembered by us with gratitude.

Well these last half dozen years or so the incoming cards have become fewer and fewer. And yet our list from all of you who attend our classes, events and see me as clients has grown into the several thousands. Likewise, our gratitude to all of you has grown. We still give out hugs at the end of all our classes and we remember your smiling faces.

This year, sadly, the inevitable seems to have arrived. Last year we sent out only about 120 cards and then sent well wishes digitally. Admittedly to this 78-year-old it felt odd. Now we are going all-digital for this holiday and New Year season.

For me this is like the change that came with the first cell phone my hubby put in my purse to make me look “modern” when I flew off to a meeting in New Mexico. Did I really need this brick? And now, years later – most likely just like you – I can’t go anywhere without it.

So please know this message is sent with hugs and smiles and the aroma of a lot of hot Yogi Tea and gluten-free cookies we love to serve you. You are remembered by us. You are loved. And you are welcome in our hearts!

HOWEVER, there is one GREAT thing this digital world has brought! We can attach here a happy video of the big tree lighting ceremony in Prescott, Arizona earlier this month. In America’s heartland with choirs singing, they turned on over 100 trees. Carolers were singing everywhere. It was like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting. So we can now share that happy time with all of you!

So we send you “Joy Joy Joy!” and blessings for you and your families now and throughout the New Year of 2018.

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and
Hari Nam Singh
December 25, 2017

Sending Prayers of Gratitude to you and so many others!

Healer Sadhana Kaur & Hubby Terry & son Manny, Chaplain Amar Atma S & Dr. Siri Chand K both remarkable in their fields, legal expert and dear friend Jerome L and his beautiful wife Linda, Dr. Arjan Deva K & Hubby Sachraj S from Corpus Christi, TX, special soul Jenny also from Corpus along with a great band of students there at Cosa Daya studio, Karampal K & her 2 boys who are victorious over a difficult year; Dr. Susan and Dr. Kathleen and the whole staff at Essential Family Wellness in Scottsdale, our longtime friend Fred/Jaijot, sweet hearts Pam & Robin we love so much, un-retiring “retiree” Claudia,our accountant Rebecca who keeps us altogether, Bill McC & his beautiful family from New Jersey, Kewal K and Devmukh K who help us out at so many events, “Mom” Sat Jiwan K and her buddy Lee in South Carolina, beloved Sarb Nam K in Connecticut and her family Bill & Anne & the grandkids, sweet Banidev K & hubby Bachan Deva S & daughter Alex who are a special part of our yoga family, another longtime friend and good actress Phyllis in Oregon, a dear friend David B whose departed wife Karen will never pass from our memory, Naturopath Dr. Bachiter K, foundational members of our Phoenix Gurudwara family Meher K & Soul S, the Bustamante family of remarkable women, yogini and major organizer Ram Hari K, “Chef Robin” who made our Womanheart® divine meals for years and now has a great vegan cookbook (“Into the Cactus Kitchen”) based on meals she created for us, the remarkable Siri Karm S at the Boston Language Institute and the whole Millis Ashram, the bright team of business experts Lizbeth and Michael also in Boston, another Boston lady Kim N who captures birds around the world with her camera, a special courageous young girl fighting cancer - Harmony and the Mosier family along with Partap K and so many in our downtown Phoenix ashram community rooting for this brave girl, a true leader in so many ways - Amarjot K from Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale with her warm and generous staffers Dana and Parm Prem K and helpers Jon & Judy, and Seva Narayan S, along with special creative help from Narsingh K, beloved Hari Charn K & Sarbjit K & so many others in KRI leadership in Espanola, NM, and friends locally such as Guru Karm S & music producer Liv S & his wife Devi Dayal Kaur & daughter Sat Nam K, another wonderful heart Sat Nam K & hubby, dear friend courageous Saibhung K, a truly devoted leader Harisaran K & Haritej K & the Yoga Phoenix team, all our beloved Reiki, Numerology, Gong, Kundalini Yoga & Teacher Training students from Phoenix/Scottsdale/Corpus Christi/the Bay Area/Alaska and other points, the bright team of Sant K and Sat Ardas K from Yoga4All in Tucson along with Jiwan Shakti K and so many lovely students, my fellow Lead Trainers here in Phoenix - Sevak S and Jaap K, a yogini who is also a gong & bowl artist & creator of sacred malas Guru Bachan K & her hubby Sahib S in the LA area, across the Hawaiian Islands old friends and students Sada Sat K & Amarsharan K & Guru Purkh K, old friends and former helpers here and at our retreats - Gagandeep K & Ardas K & Narindar K & Hari Dharam K & Daman Prakash K, faithful friend and loving mom/grandmom Jaslean K, a great family from the Bay Area Gurjot S & his wife Jessi & talented son Anhad S, also from the Bay Area inspiring Rama S & her daughter Meena, our Flagstaff friends including Balwant S & Haring S, our Philadelphia PA friends Forest/Harimandir S and his courageous wife Siri Dharma K who recently passed, our many friends in Boulder led by Kylie & Karuna & Sukhraj K & Tiphaine & Elise, our friends in Oklahoma led by Reiki Master-Trainer Nimrita K and Irene, longtime client and yogini Kate L in London & remarkable soul Heyssha also in London, a rising star Lesley P and her devoted students, a whole flock of folks in Sedona including Dr. Har Inder K & Tara K & hubby Josh, Reena and her hubby & Margareth, and then quite literally several hundreds of clients across North America and beyond (Australia, Canada , Kauai, Maui, India, Israel, Romania, Thailand and would you believe... Kuala Lumpur?)

If somehow you’re not on this list, please know you are in our hearts!

©2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.