Segmented Breathing: "4-to-1 Breath" – You Can Breathe Stress Away!

Sat Nam Dear Family and Friends!

If ever there was a de-stressing breath, a true friend for us all, it’s this simple form of segmented breathing known as “4-to-1 Breath” or, more simply written, 4:1 Breath.

Segmented Breathing simply refers to a type of breath where the inhale and/or the exhale is broken into segments or “sniffs” of equal length and power. There are several ratios in the segmented architecture, such as 4:1, 4:4, 8:1, 8:8 and so forth. Some breaths help aid detoxification. Some increase the power of prana or life force within and around you in the aura to assist you at times when you need to ward off attack or take a more ambitious stance in a difficult situation.

This simple 4-to-1 Breath is the most basic and most universal. There isn’t a time when it is not useful, whether to put you in a strong position at the start of your day or to counter some pressure that has arisen during your day.

Establishing a steady rhythm of four equal sniffs through the nose on the inhale, while relaxing the diaphragm downward with each little sniff, brings relaxation and mental clarity. This is then followed with a strong pull-back of the navel, allowing a simple release evenly and simply through the nose.

This is so easy to do. For years I've told people that this is just like sniffing a rose -you always take more than one sniff before you exhale, don't you? In this case, you take four "sniffs" then exhale. In certain circles the story has grown and this has become known as "Rose Breath."

This is a basic example of what we in Kundalini Yoga call “conscious breathing.” It puts you in charge of you and your mental states. This 4:1 Breath pattern in practice becomes a balm to counter so many heavy emotional surges including panic, anxiety, mental stagnation and depression.

Just do this breath each morning from 3 to 7 minutes to put yourself in charge of your mind and thus helps to prevent difficult states from arising during your day. In the event there is a surge during the day, as soon as possible stop what you’re doing and take a 5-7 minute “breath break,” just as many folks take a tea or coffee break. You’re emerge far more refreshed and positive.

When you adopt this breath pattern on a regular basis, especially in the morning, you’ll feel more assured and clear-headed even under pressure.

Click HERE for the video and follow the easy instructions.

Bless you always,

December 22, 2017

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