December 2017 Numerology: A Call To Order -Are We Ready?

Dear Healing Source Family & Friends,

December is always a special month – not just because of the holidays that are celebrated at this time of year, but because this month brings the final closing gifts and lessons of each year. In December of 2016 what happened? Well the Planetary Cycle that year was a 9 and it brought upsets and unearthed things that had been hidden for some time. December was a 3 Month, an opportunity for positive minds to regain power and bring better social connections. Well, the lesson-side of 3 prevailed and many here in North America and around the world drifted into gloom, hopelessness and other negative states.

The year 2017 has been a 10 Cycle year – normally a time that slowly can bring opportunities for new beginnings, courageous outreach across divisionary lines. Mostly we saw courage turn into stubbornness and even some bullying, and the feuding war zones grew. November, a 3 Cycle month, again brought more emotionalism than new hope.

So what do we expect now, this December, which is a 4 month? Normally this would bring a return to sanity and order, a time to start bringing things together into some semblance of a plan. That is my prayer. A prayer that we resume order and reason. That we start to formulate plans for growth and peace, not just plans for resistance. And my hope is that the plans we form include a growing reliance on spiritual practices.

Why spiritual practices? Because the year 2018, right now on our doorstep, is an 11 Cycle, a time rich with opportunities for spiritual growth or quite the opposite, the death of spiritual values. And that implies disruption in all partnerships, all alliances, all matters of love and respect.

What is required of us is basic: that we must replace the rising tide of emotionalism with the “rising tide of devotionalism”. Or, as our teacher Yogi Bhajan often urged us, “Turn emotion to devotion, turn rage to courage, passion to compassion.” Let's create a tide where people devote themselves to practicing kindness and compassion, to meditation and prayer, to chanting and hymning, to forgiveness and gratitude that brings happiness, and to inspiring the goodness in everyone instead of lambasting evil everywhere.

This requires us to take a personal stand for change, to stop calling on and relying on others for those plans – whether that's politicians at City Hall or in D. C. or elders in our community. We have to start looking to ourselves, our strength of prayer and our ability to inspire a breakthrough for peace and hope in all our communities.

It is not enough to stand against something. It is far more important to stand for something. Can we drop the bickering, the pushing and shoving, the angry words and faces, and yes the tweeting and sit down like the good folks we can be and discuss matters? We used to be able to hold a discussion that didn't turn into an argument. What happened to us?

When did emotionalism displayed in angry faces across international television stand for our beautiful country? When we see that in other faces of people from other cultures, at times we ridicule them. Look, instead, at the faces of our people, people you may know, shouting in rage on television screens, and ask yourself honestly, What is the difference? Because that rage is prompting angry, hateful actions here just as it does in those other countries.

“We the people” have made momentous changes happen many times in our history. In the difficult history during the rise of labor unions we turned emotionalism into working methods and the term and practice of “collective bargaining” was born. We survived a Civil War and, though it took a century to pass and enforce equal treatment of all races, it happened because a collective force made it happen.

How now can we turn this angry tide and create a force for common-unity? If we are ever going to make progress in this way we can't have a better ally than an 11 Planetary Cycle year, the year 2018.

What will it take to start this new tide? One answer starts with quieting the mind and watching how the mind expresses itself through the mouth. Upsetting emotions cause everyone to breathe quickly through their mouth and as the breath grows more rapid and more shallow, emotions grow stronger and words come out that are not pretty.

Begin by breathing more slowly through your nose. Those of you who practice yoga and meditation may know that breathing through the nose brings a calmer, clearer and more reasonable mind. This month we are featuring a video where I demonstrate one fantastic breath that calms emotions and brings lasting clarity. You've heard me mention it before – Segmented Breathing. And the best version for immediate results in most situations is "4-to-1 Breath" (click here to learn more about the "4-to-1" breath). It is perfect for de-stressing and calming the mind.

We have to start this now, and add in chanting to bring the voice into an uplifting sweeter state.

Some of you saw my short blog with the Full Moon on December 3rd. I mentioned then that it was a “supermoon” whose closeness to the Earth would exert a pull on our tides as well as a massive pull on our emotions.

Well that December supermoon is soon to be followed by two other supermoons – January 1 and 31. That means there's a rising influence pulling us further into emotional tides. Don't let that happen. Take action now.

This year I've been videoing some “super-meditations” all available to you under the “Meditations” section. Take any one of them and start chanting it regularly. “Ardas Bhaee” - the prayer to answer all prayers; the “Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung” meditation for healing on all levels, and the “Grace of God” meditation. Use them, put your heart into your voice.

And let's gather to meditate on those two supermoon nights. Join us on our website broadcast or form a healing circle with your family and friends. Directions on how to do the chant we do are again under the meditations section under “Siri Gaitri Mantra.”

You won't be alone! The heavens, God, the Masters of all paths and the angels will all be pulling for us!

Invest your time in acts of goodness. There's a simple principle here: What you invest time in, be it with your thoughts, words or actions, is what you grow. Let's grow the goodness in us all. This is the challenge and the hope for the New Year.

And please stay tuned here for more events dedicated to growing goodness on Planet Earth.

Click HERE to learn more about the "4-to-1" breath.

Sending you all prayers for happy holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

Sangeet Kaur, Hari Nam Singh, and the Healing Source Team
December 22, 2017

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