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The "Siri Gaitri" Mantra Meditation (Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung): The Go-To Meditation for Healing on All Levels

Sat Nam Dear Family and Friends!

Yes, from the headline above, you can assume this meditation we're sending you is one of “the big ones.” That means it's a meditation that is so broadly useful it should be a “first-response resource” for everyone.

Stepping back from the meanings of these individuals sounds, it brings the projection of our individual soul and presence into the Infinity and calls on and commands the power of all creation to assist in the healing process for which we pray. It calls on “the All-that is” to cover us all.

I've used it over nearly 40 years for so many needs I can no longer make a complete list of all that it does. Just think of it as the one meditation that heals on all levels and in all emergencies – physical problems, mental-emotional issues and discords, and spiritual challenges of all types.

So it's a panacea for just about everything. Sound impossible?

Over the past 28 years I've used this meditation in my monthly women's healing circles I have led regularly. Prayers have been answered for so many folks, issues resolved. We in the Kundalini Yoga community teach it regularly. We chant it at our big Summer Solstice gatherings since the 1970s, going back to the many years when the Master, Yogi Bhajan, led all the live sessions and we chanted for him.

The other night when women gathered in my home to chant this during the Super Moon we recorded the meditation in our healing circle. Then, as some of you know, we experience a failure in our broadcast equipment and people across the country were left hanging. So we edited the recording to make this available to everyone who follows us in our email community, on our website and through social media.

While doing this we realized we had produced an important “gem” that folks have been asking us for over many years. Why? Because so many who have joined in our monthly healing circles via our broadcasts have started their own healing circles across the country where they live. Even those who joined us here in Phoenix and who have moved have circle circles in their new home cities.

You can use this video for any healing circle need. And you can use it for guiding your own individual chant, including chanting for yourself.

Is it still useful for this Full Moon? Of course. The energies, while waning, are still stirring up emotional havoc across the planet. What better time could there be to bring ourselves back into balance and promote healing on all levels?

We just posted the video of the meditation on our website. It looks and sounds so good that you’ll experience being Right In The Healing Circle!

And, if that isn’t enough to get you to do the meditation tonight and for a couple of more nights, Sangeet plays her beautiful Symphonic Gong after the meditation has finished and everyone is relaxing.

This is such an important and powerful full moon that its effects will last for days into the future. Keep up this chant for at least a week.

Actually this December Full Moon is the first of three Super Moons – two others are coming on January 1st and 31st. That's a big disruptive influence on the planet's emotions, need for harmony and of course healing. Chant this and contribute to uplifting our planet through our collective healing presence!

You'll find this meditation useful on those Full Moon nights as well. Certainly if you experience a time when you can't access our broadcast on a full moon, you'll have this video available on line on our website under “Meditations.”

Click HERE for the video and follow the easy instructions.

Bless you in all good healing and happiness!

Sangeet Kaur & Hari Nam Singh
December 5, 2017

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