November 2017 Numerology: Quiet The Whirlwind And Call On The Masters

Dear Family and Friends,

There we are in November – a time where we must continue and advance the spiritual and prayer work we focused on in October.

The Planetary Cycle in October was an 11, a time to grab hold of that all-important “sky hook” that secures our Divine connection.

The Planetary Cycle for November is a 3, a time to call on our angels, the Masters and Guides who overlook and protect us to help us uplift our families and our communities.

The function of a 3, whether in a Planetary Cycle or a Personal Cycle, is a time for positive outreach to build consensus and commitment for harmony and peace. However, it is also a time when emotions can run rampant and at times be depressive. Disruptive thoughts can lay waste at times to positivity. Don't let that happen – not in you or around you.

We see emotions and events cycling everywhere, seemingly out of control. The clash of cultures continues, the rage and discord ongoing and unabated.

At this time we must quiet the whirlwind, the disturbances within our communities and our families. Differences are part of human nature. They do not have to lead to discord. We can only proceed if we live with peace of mind and peace of heart within us. You cannot ask of others, inspire others, if you have not already created this in yourself.

Each of us has to be the difference that makes the difference!

Rise and shine every day with a deep meditative practice, using mantra then and again in the evening to keep your spirits up when the sun goes down.

And here's a bit of an aside. This month is also a time for fresh creativity to emerge. Follow up on new ideas but don't take too many tracks as the clutter of doing so many things can create more chaos and need to simplify. Take time to stop and smell the flowers, hold hands with someone you care about, get out in nature a bit. Be a child again and dwell in happy pursuits with smiles and laughter.

What meditation will work best this month?

Many, of course. But one in particular calls to me and for good reason.

Why? Because doing it now and into next year will help us get a jump up on the coming new Planetary Cycle for 2018.

The New Year will bring an 11 Cycle year, a time when the values and virtues of everyone will be tested and the hoped-for rise in Divine Energy can bring us enormous gifts yet also can see us driven down at times by run-away emotionalism.

This process all starts in January which is a 3 Cycle month, giving us the possibility of a roller coaster ride similar to the 3 Cycle in this month of November. So what good we do to quiet the whirlwind this month will help to carry us well into the New Year.

So the trusty meditation I recommend we do this month, and well into February of 2018, was given to us by Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan in the early 1980s. It is called the “Ardas Bhaee” meditation and Yogi Bhajan called it “the prayer that answers all prayers,” which is to say the things you know to pray for as well as the many things unknown to you which the Divine realizes are also important.

This “mantra prayer” as Yogi ji dubbed it, calls on the profoundly supportive energies of two great Spiritual Masters from the 15th & 16th Centuries in India -- Guru Amar Das who brings the giving spirit of service and the positive mind, and Guru Ram Das who brings the power to manifest miracles in our lives.

This will be our meditation on November 17th for the 2-1/2 hour Brahm Prakash Master Meditation. I recorded a sweet version of it for that evening and for your continuing use. Just go to my home page and click on “Meditations” in the top bar to access it.

I also request that you continue breath work I have suggested before – using a form of segmented breathing that calms emotions and stress, quiets the mind and opens up intuition. We call it “4 to 1 breath.” (website For 40 years this breath has sustained me against the onslaughts of a hectic lifestyle in business in New York City and all these years since as a teacher-healer-counselor based here in Phoenix, Arizona.

One final note: This month, whatever you face and have to deal with, do so with a smile and words of gratitude. While we here in the U.S.A. celebrate Thanksgiving this month, this is also a time to give thanks for the progress we continue to make as souls on a planet that offers a journey of learning for all of us.

In the words of another great Spiritual Master, Guru Nanak, this Earth was “created as a home for meditation.” May our daily chants, calming breaths, words and actions of peace and all manner of meditations help to make this come true. In this way our souls can evolve to praise the Divine Source from which we came and, through learning and effort, take a path that will lead us Home once again.

I salute all of you who are walking this path and live in humble gratitude for all that you are and all that you do.

Bless you in all ways always,

November 1, 2017

©2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.