"Ardas Bhaee Meditation" -The Prayer That Answers All Prayers

Sat Nam All!

If you have ever wanted a prayer that calls for some important life needs to be fulfilled, and delivers them, this is it!

Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan gave us this meditation and he called it “the prayer that answers all prayers.”

When he gave it to us he told us this:

“Normally there is no power in the human but the power of prayer. And to do prayer, you have to put your mind and body together and then pray from the soul. Ardas Bhaee is a mantra prayer. If you sing it, your mind, body and soul automatically combine and without saying what you want, the need of the life is adjusted. That is the beauty of this prayer.”

The mantra is hypnotically simple. It calls on the transformative powers of two great Masters of the 15th and 16th Centuries in India, Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das.

Nothing could be more simple, or more profound.

Chant this regularly for 11 minutes using the singing version here or some other. You could chant for 40 days for an enduring effect. Whether sung or chanted in a monotone it is so elevating.

You could be driving in a car and become aware that someone you know needs your help. Or you could be preparing for sleep and feel the need to address some issue in your own life. When you chant this your soul and consciousness link up and life flows as hindrances are removed.

Most importantly it is the one chant to do when you don't know what to do. Nothing can withstand its elevating power to dissolve, resolve or solve whatever is bothering you.

I've created a video for you to learn how to do this in your own life. The mantra (words) is easy to learn and the mudra (hand position) is simply interlacing both hands together in front of your heart center. As an option, you can rest your hands in gyan mudra on your knees and immerse yourself in the chant.

If the need arises and you are careful not to get "carried away" you can chant it while driving. Some situation need immediate action!

Watch the video here and follow the simple instructions.

Click HERE for the video and follow the easy instructions.

Bless you always,

November 1, 2017

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