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October 2017 Numerology: We've Finally Arrived! Question Is, Arrived Where?

Dear Family and Friends,

Only a few weeks ago I wrote in my September blog that we would see an uplift after we passed Sept 21st and most certainly in October. Why? Because October is an 11 Planetary Cycle month, a time for spiritual uplift. Of course I did mention there could be some challenges.

Well October has arrived and yes there are still many challenges around the world. Did you think I meant all would be bright and rosy? Well not without some effort.

The final closing of the influences of the dark and heavy 9 Cycle at the end of September didn't mean all the problems would go away. It meant we had time up until then to clean out our closets, deal with our issues and learn to truly “let go-let God.”

Now all the turmoil still within and around us requires us to lean even more heavily on our connection to the Divine. This is an awesome test which we will meet!

October Is A Window Into 2018

October, an 11 time period, is a special time when the heavens are open to us, holding us close and dear. Now it is up to us to open to the heavens and make change happen for the better. We have to drop anger, divisions, and fear. Let's grow our spiritual practices – be it yoga, meditation, prayer, Divine singing, community service, or others.

October is a period for new and peaceful, joyful opportunities. It is up to us to put aside the darkness within us and around us and inspire others to do the same.

Let me suggest something. Instead of seeing the bad, the what-isn't-working in our lives, focus on what is working, who is doing good, where there is some success and expand on that. I am referring to a process fairly recently brought forth in organizational development which I apply regularly in counseling.

It's called “Appreciative Inquiry (AI)” (website champlain.edu). It focuses first on appreciating what is working, rather than focusing on what isn't. It's a process of acknowledgement and building on strengths, rather than citing weaknesses. Strengths can build strength to uplift us from the darkness and despair that digging into weakness can provoke.

Let's take up this cause. Apply AI in our family discussions, turn conversations from accusational to generous and positive, drop the politicization of everything and find commonalities and strength in community. Make this part of your extended spiritual practice. We cannot achieve peace without positive mind.

As meditators we know that the positive mind is the bridge to a healthy meditative/prayerful mind. The positive mind is also the wellspring of hope, the root of trust and confidence and security in self. The negative mind backs us into corners in fighting mode. Too long we have been there, stuck and moving in the wrong direction.

Now is the time to move into positive mind! This is most important now and the heavens have been waiting for us to do this. Because the month of October gives us a preview (even a prelude) to the whole year of 2018 which will be an 11 Planetary Cycle year. What we can do now helps to improve our future in 2018.

The Year Of 2018

2018 - Will it be a year of spiritual elevation or one of decline? This is up to us, now. By our Divine Will let us pray that this month and all of 2018 will be a time for spiritual renewal. Renewal of our values, our commonalities and hopes, our trust in Divine protection and guidance.

Expect also to see challenges and opportunities in partnerships at this time and all next year – personal, business, social partnerships. Because relationship to the Divine Partner also includes relationship to our earthly partners as well.

The positive, peaceful and generous nature of all relationships depends on how well we relate to ourselves. We seek love from others and do our best to express our love for them. But how well do we express love to ourselves? How much do we cherish ourselves for our goodness and kindness?

There is a beautiful meditation I would like you to practice for 40 days. It is both mystical and profound and can be done for 11 minutes at any time. It brings protection, positive projection, prosperity and a profound and keen sense of self elevation.

Meditation Video -Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya (Dharti Hai, Akash Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai)

I was directly inspired to begin teaching this mantra in many venues this month, as well as in our 2-1/2 hour Brahm Prakash Meditation on October 17th. It works directly to strengthen us as the Divine connection between Earth and the Heavens. It is known as “Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya.” It gives you the concrete realization of God in You.

Click HERE for the Meditation Video I made for you!

There is a beautiful visualization and hand/arm movements that accompany this chant.

The chanted words are an energized declaration of that connection between the Earth and Heavens through us and affirms our miraculous role in this life. It calls on the energy of the 4th Guru in the Sikh line of Masters, Guru Ram Das, revered and acknowledged as the “Lord of Miracles.” Our great teacher, Yogi Bhajan, told us anyone can call on him for miracles and he will come to their aid.

You can add to this practice (or do separately) a specific prayer that also helps awaken this gift of miracles for us: “Hail! Hail! Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles. Heal us and heal our world.” You can of course modify that for the specific miracle you seek or narrow it down to “heal me and heal my world.”.

We live in a time when miracles can and do happen. We all are the miracle-workers, the bringers of the coming dawn.

I am grateful to stand with you at this time of the soul's spiritual evolution.

Bless you in all ways, always!

October 1, 2017

©2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.