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Learn the Meditation "Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection"

Click here for the "Meditation on Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection"

Dear Friends,

We are at a magnificent yet critical “turning time” on our planet when challenges that face us may overwhelm and confuse us. This meditation is perfect for bringing strength and clarity at this time and frankly at any time in your life when you need the power of cosmic energy to protect and uplift you.

At this time the Planet is moving from the dark days of the Planetary 9 Cycle (the “ending cycle”) that began last year and carried into this year with serious social and cultural divisions.

Join us in chanting this mantra for 11 minutes a day for 40 days, through the end of October. We all need the power of this mantra! If you can, carry it on to the start of 2018 when we enter a year that holds rare opportunities for us to experience a true spiritual awakening, a new peace.

This mantra harnesses the power of the “six sacred sounds” that Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan told us can cover us in all six directions – four sides and up and down. This establishes and resonates cosmic frequencies to which Universe, the Cosmos, must respond. It establishes in the one who chants it an undeniable presence of command. These frequencies will carry you through all calamity.

He spoke directly about this meditation in these words:

“When there comes a moment in your life when nothing works, if all shelter and hope is gone, when the enemies overcome and friends have left, do this meditation.

The sound current has an Infinite power. It is the only power that is given to the human to excel. Vaak Siddhi is the perfection of the sound projection.

Guru Nanak explained it, ‘Through the mouth you utter a sound current, to which God listens with love.’

What you say is not a sound current. The sound current is that which you create with the organic matter of your body where you use your pranas and that has a projective power.”

Now, at this important time, and whenever you feel yourself in a situation of crisis, I urge you to take hold of this chant as your one undefeatable friend. Chant it for 40 days, for 11 minutes a day, and experience a new sense of expansive strength and calm.

Going forward, this mantra has many applications for you. It can turn things for the better, whatever difficult situation you may be dealing with personally. Whenever you chant it, the light will dawn for you!

We've created a separate web page with a video and written instructions for you to learn from: Meditation on Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru for Manifesting Cosmic Protection.

UPDATE 9/19/17:  We created a separate 11 minute "Audio Only" version which includes Tuning In and Longtime Sunshine Song. The recording is based on the fabulous 2-1/2 hour meditation held September 17th 2017 for the Journey Brahm Prakash Master Meditation. It was a very deep and powerful meditation for many.

Just 11 minutes a day can help restore balance and calm in our hearts, our relationships and our world!

Bless you always,

September 15, 2017

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