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September 2017 Numerology: The "Great Turning" is Here -Onward and Upward!

Dear Friends,

Finally, the time has arrived! We can see the end of darkness and the rising dawn. It comes on the morning of September 22nd. We can breathe fresh air, put a lot of the messy past behind us, dump our upsets, angers and struggles, and climb out of our holes into brighter days.

Well that's the hope and that's my prayer. We need to put all our efforts together to accomplish this. The opportunities for brighter times have been a long time coming.

A Long Dark Spell

Here's what's led up to this time of opportunity.

We've been traversing through a long dark spell on planet Earth. It all began on January 1, 2016 when the planet entered the annual 9 Planetary Cycle of endings and upheavals. This wasn't tied just to our elections, candidates, or anything that simple. It was far wider and deeper in scope and it spread across the globe.

Every 9 Cycle – whether in a Planetary Cycle or in someone's own Personal Annual Cycle – always shows the hidden beneath the surface which we have to acknowledge and deal with. It can look like your world is falling apart and prompts many to just want to run away and hide. Explosive emotions, volatility on all levels prevail all too often.

Well when we look at nations around the globe in 2016 things certainly came up in our face – what was hidden everywhere were the deep cultural, economic and social divisions that were building between nations and within nations themselves. When that 9 hits, chaos and calamities can ensue.

What About the Here & Now?

So why has all this turmoil continued into 2017? Don't most “annual” cycles end by the end of the calendar year? Yes, but not the 9 Cycle. Because learning how to deal with ending things well also means learning how to let go. This is so pivotal to our journey here on Earth. It's a true component of self-mastery. The lessons are expressed in “Let Go-Let God.” Hold on to values and keep from acting in reactionary ways.

So the impact of the 9 Cycle which creates chaos with people not able to let go of their issues often spills over into the next year which is the 10 Cycle of “new beginnings.” This is the cycle we've been in all this year of 2017. There should be some growing sunshine and better weather, but the storms of last year just haven't seemed to go away. In fact, they've kept building.

Look at the large, detailed chart on this page. The recent months of 2017 have been a mix of up and down energies. May was a time to create sanctuary and coziness. Then June was more challenging and we had to seek refuge and learn to endure things with some patience. July looked promising for awhile but then along came August which began and ended miserably, not the least of which was the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the oncoming Irma storms.

Is this the time to put aside individual differences and national divisions and come together? We will see. It will take calm minds and courage. The final period of time we have to learn what we can and to let go of our grief with each other runs up to midnight of Sept. 21st. At that point we wake up the next morning, take a few deep inhales, and look around to see where we're at. If the calamities are still active then we have only three months to put ourselves on a better course before 2018 and a far bigger test comes.

Looking Ahead to 2018

What's this far bigger test? It goes right to the core of who we are as the human race. The questions arise: Are we able to live as Divinely directed souls peacefully in our human costumes? Is God our refuge, our mainstay and our highest hope?

All this counts so much now because the Planetary Cycle for 2018 is an 11 Cycle, a time for Divine gifts, some of which look like lessons, as well as Divine challenges.

In 2018 we will be given opportunities for spiritual growth, peace and hope, and a revival of compassion in all our partnerships, personal, political and trans-national. It can be a time of spiritual upliftment when the spirit of humanity joins hands to heal its divisions. And it can be a time of even deeper turmoil. Mess with this set of potential gifts and the opposite will apply. Simply put, we'll see spirit rising or spirit falling and possibly a mix of both.

We'll soon get an early look-see into the 11 Cycle in this October – less than a month away. This is a fortunate Numerology anomaly. You see, each year the month of October gives us a short preview of the coming annual cycle that begins in the coming January. And this October will be an 11 Cycle Month the same as the 11 Annual Cycle in 2018. If the bickering continues throughout October, the factions and violence or threat of it, then we have to take action quickly. We have to call on our highest ennobling self to correct actions and build on new visions.

What Can We Do?

We need to start a practice of peace, beginning with establishing internal peace within ourselves. We need to stop the shouting and listen quietly, especially to those who disagree with us. And we need to talk with and listen to ourselves. That means asking yourself questions such as: Why is is so important for me to be right? To argue and try to force others to agree? Why am I allowing myself to be so upset just because others have different viewpoints?

How can we speak with and listen to others when we cannot question ourselves in such simple ways and challenge our own driving forces deep within?

We have to regain control of our own actions and with that take charge of our minds. That means we have to take charge of our breath to lower the level of emotions and anxieties. Slower breathing, deeper and quieter. That's a basic principle of yoga – control the breath to control the mind and emotions.

This is living yoga, not just something done in a classroom or in a yoga studio. The faster you breathe the more upset you will get, the less oxygen you will take into your blood and the faster your body will weaken. The “breath of life” is revered in all spiritual paths, yet it is in our ordinary day-to-day activities that we need to put that reverence into practice. As Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan often told us, “A shallow breath leads to a shallow life.”

You can use great tools from a technique known as segmented breathing – such as inhaling in four equal parts followed by a long exhale which is repeated for 3-5 minutes. This can deeply alter any emotional state of fear, anger, even panic. Put into consistent daily practice, it can break the pattern of emotional reaction. It can slow to a stop the shouting voice inside your head so you can be quiet, listen carefully, and contribute to positive change in yourself and others.

Or you can use a mantra to bring the rhythm and sounds within the mind to a more peaceful state. Mantras in English work well, such as “Healthy am I, happy am I, holy am I” and a beautiful old hymn “Amazing Grace.” In the old Sanskrit-based language there are many mantras that bring peace. There are many on our website (under “Meditations) and others that are core to our healthy lifestyle as yogis.

Paramount among these is a mantra that uses the power of the “six sacred sounds” that unlocks protection and elevation on all sides even under the most difficult circumstances. We're chanting it this Sunday, Sept 17, in our monthly Brahm Prakash Master Meditation. The mantra is “Har Harary Haree Wahe Guru” which will surround and hold you protectively when you may think all things are lost. I've recorded it for you and it's available under the meditation section of this website.

Going Forward

We are at the major turning point in the evolution of our planet. We are moving toward the full dawning of the Aquarian Age in 2036, which will be an 11 Cycle year. At this time we are completing the first of three 9 Cycle periods before that time comes, and embarking on the second evolutionary set of 9 years. Breathe deep, raise your wings and bring on a new dawn of higher consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan told us that it is written in ancient texts that the Aquarian Age will last for 2000 years. But, depending on how we enter it, with what consciousness (Divinely aligned or not-so), it could last for 5,000 years. What a future we can enjoy!

So now is the time to set our course aright. Now is the time to expand our spiritual practices, our awareness and knowledge, and our touch of healing and compassion. Each of us is alive now because we hold the future in our hands and in our hearts.

So take heart, let courage rise, and reach out to others without judgment or fear. I walk that path as well, and it is my pleasure to be of service to all of you as a teacher, a healer, a counselor and a friend.

Bless you in all ways, always!

September 15, 2017

©2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.