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Dear Friends,

I am encouraging everyone to do this classic meditation given to us by Yogi Bhajan in 1975 as a means of balancing the Sun-Moon energies and with that the male-female energies. Specifically it improves communication and brings intuitive understanding of each others' words and meaning.

We chanted this meditation for 11 minutes at our Sunday yoga class at Anahata Yoga Studio in Scottsdale on August 6th and again for 31 minutes at our monthly Full Moon meditation healing circle on August 7th. The impact on all was amazing!

This meditation is important to do at any time, since conscious communications in one of the top hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle.

At this time, however, it is quite important to do as the upcoming Solar eclipse is already unbalancing communications among us and aggravating so many stuck in the strife of differences and polarities.

We are also attempting to make progress in this "Year of New Beginnings", (based on the 10 Planetary Cycle detailed in Sangeet's Blessings Code Numerology).

We are hampered, however, by the stormy arguments and emotions of last year's "Planetary Cycle of Endings" (the "9 Cycle") where emotions, deep divisions, twisted communications and overall imbalances continue to threaten our forward progress throughout this year. This should begin clearing by the end of September.

I've created a separate web page with a video and written instructions for you to learn from: Meditation on RAMA -Balancing Sun & Moon Energies (Complete Practice).

So jump into this chant and carry it on through September 30th.

Just 11 minutes a day can help restore calm in our hearts, our relationships and our world!

Bless you always,

August 1, 2017

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