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July 2017 Numerology: America - Good Fortune Shines on You This July. Believe and Prosper!

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate the birth of our nation, so it is meaningful to reflect on both our roots as well as our present state and hoped-for future.

Using the Blessings Code™ numerology, let's look at the founding of America first.

When the American colonies declared independence the leaders knew the new country was on fragile financial ground. In many ways, it was bankrupt. Yet the patriots' courage, fortitude and God-centered values led them on to eventual victory. The young country would also grow to prosper as few nations on earth have done.

All this was set in the “birth numbers” of our country based on the date of the Declaration of Independence – July 4th, 1776!

Based on Planetary Numerology and Cycles for that date, July, the 7th month, gave our new country a voice of inspiration, the strength to rebel and claim its independence and to stand alone if necessary. The 4 related to the formation of a new governing structure and the colonists' values rooted in law and order. Taken together the 7 and 4 add up to an impressive 11 which proclaimed the God-centered consciousness or mindset of the new country. This is reflected in the wording “One nation under God” and the phrase on our currency “In God We Trust.”

The year 1776 (17-76) itself brought the country at its foundation the high prosperity number of an 8 that comes from a 17, combined with the gift of a special 4 that comes from a 13, proclaiming those who stand for and speak truth. Together with the impact of the 7 this brings assurance that the founders would raise a mighty voice that came to be heard, noted in the phrase “the shot heard round the world.”

Tying it all together is the number 10 at our nation's core, pointing to a new and courageous leadership. The young nation's destiny shows leadership rooted in mind (4), body (5) and spirit (11).

For those interested in how colonial history went “by the numbers,” here's a few paragraphs from my forthcoming book, 'The Blessings Code™: The Numerology of the Aquarian Age™”:

And when did the revolutionary war end?

This timing is equally insightful when looking at the Planetary Cycles for those concluding years.

The British House of Commons declared the end of all fighting in 1782, but that was a 9 Planetary Cycle Year when it is rare that any ending actually comes to an end completely.

So in 1783, a 10 Planetary Cycle Year evoking independence and freedom, two treaties were signed in France. But it took until 1784, a Divine 11 Cycle, for the completion, this being the new nation's Consciousness Number.

So 11, a calling for a spiritual consciousness to protect the new nation, determines how we chart our course – whether we live by the rule of law and order (4) inspired by a national consensus based in a neutral, non-reactive mindset and the rule of law (4) or we fall into isolationism (our 7 Karma).

So back to the future! Here we are in 2017, 241 years after 1776, and an interesting set of current numbers this year brings us close to our birth chart.

How so? Look at the year 2017 – 20-17. Just like the year 1776, there's that 8 coming from a 17 that can bring prosperity on all levels. We call it “the number of good fortune” as it brings both financial and spiritual good fortune. And what about the 2 that comes from the 20, how does that relate to our founding? A 2 can resonate like an 11. This is the number of partnership, both on a physical level (2 people or 2 “sidesangeets blog 2017 07 july 4 america good fortune shines on you this july believe and prosper american flag 200x200The American Flag. Click flag for larger version. www.USHistory.org shows the evolution of the Flag since 1775.s” growing into a possible unity) as well as on the Divine level, coming together and reaching up to God in prayer and actions.

Here we are in July, which in this Planetary Cycle is an 8 cycle, linking to the prosperous 17/8 of this year with an added zest for victory. In July of 1776 we were also in an 8 cycle taking bold step toward victory.

So the questions arise: How do we bridge the polarity of sides so prevalent today to achieve this Divine and earthly prosperity?

The answer is simple. Believe in the foundational principles of this country. Believe in the rule of law, the practice of all being equal before the law, and believe in the power of the Divine supporting us every step of the way.

In other words, believe in our individual and combined goodness, in our ability to bridge differences and see the good (the God) in all. And not just see that good, but strive to bring it out. As Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan told us countless times, “If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all.”

Above all else, trust the Divine to come through for us. She/He/It already is, always has and always will. It's in our numbers! Call on that support daily.

So what practical steps can we take this month to build this prosperity and link to the Divine? Put aside your arguments and harsh words and listen to others. Give others plenty of time to be heard and let them know they are being heard. Step back from judgments and find or create some common ground. When you do speak, acknowledge the other person, use uplifting language.

Supporting us this month in our numbers is the gift of prayer, love of home and country, great heart and compassion. To touch the warming heart you have to put aside fires and arguments.

So use gentle pranayam (yoga-style breathing techniques) such as one-minute breath (3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/pranayam/breath-frequency/tips-one-minute-breath) or to the cooling and quieting breath technique known as sitali breathing (3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/pranayam/pranayam-techniques/sitali-pranayam).

Step away from fiery foods (replace hot chilies with mild for awhile). Instead, enjoy cooling drinks (using a pulp extractor/juicer) such as cucumber and celery with a little carrot for supporting liver functions. Eat light and be light.

Practice flexibility in all forms. Simple yoga sets that emphasize flexible joints will also serve to create flexible attitudes. Meditations all help to release emotional blocks and bring us into more peaceful places.

This month I'll be leading the 2-1/2 hour Brahm Prakash Meditation on Monday the 17th with a powerful chant based on the “Guru Gaitri Mantra” with the added shakti power of the repeated sounds of “Har” taking us to a higher level in relating to the Divine. What bliss we will produce!
Join us live at my home (starting at 6 pm) or link into our live broadcast via our website – www.healingsource.com. You can see
my description of this mantra and its effects in the “Events” section of my website.

This is the month of victory – the victory of our majestic and angelic selves over the emotion-driven selves. Come walk this path with me!

Bless you in all ways always!

July 4, 2017

© 2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.