June 2017 Numerology: Growing Our Blessings, Living As An Inspiration

Dear Friends,

Here we are about to arrive at the mid-point in this year of New Beginnings, a 10 Planetary Cycle that can offer a fresh new start, the first steps in a nine-year cycle of growth. So where are we now?

In May, a 6 Cycle month on the planet, we had opportunities to renew a personal sense of sanctuary within ourselves and in our home and family environments. It gave as time to sense the blessings in our lives, the sacred garden within ourselves that can provide peace, calm and shelter for ourselves and others.

Hopefully many reading this used meditation and prayer to help achieve this beautiful state within themselves.

Now along comes June, a month of summer warmth and playful summer-times.

June offers time to seek and find refuge for ourselves and discover that we can offer refuge to others, whether that be in the form of smiles and words of comfort or a place of cleansing silence. Along with that we can make progress in our capacity for self-reliance and feel more capable of forging ahead with our goals, putting doubts aside.

Of course the contrary is also possible this month – feeling solitary and alone, impatient and full of doubts about ourselves and what we are doing, and seeking but not finding refuge where we are truly comfortable and feel at home.

The journey between May and June is truly one of creating sanctuary and peace within (May) to finding that one does not need to escape to some distant refuge as we already have that within ourselves (June).

We take that journey by accepting, appreciating and acknowledging our goodness and seeing that in others. Then seeking to inspire others to appreciate themselves. In doing so, we also can make new gains in forgiveness, starting with forgiving ourselves.

What practices will aid us in this journey in June? How do we take steps to inspire ourselves and others and live as an inspiration?

Good fortune shines down on us! This is the month of Summer Solstice up here north of the Equator. This is a time when any spiritual practice we engage in can lift our spirits and put us on a new upward path. That might be as simple as beginning a 11, 22 or 31-minute meditation for a month, or it could be joining a couple of thousand practitioners of Kundalini Yoga attending the annual Summer Solstice International Kundalini Yoga Festival we hold from June 16-24 high in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico.

Mostly you need to chant, to hear the sweet power of your own voice and to create a field of energy around you that also touches others. Yes, this is time for your voice to be heard – to chant or sing your way into a new awareness of your grace, the grace within that releases doubts, fears and loneliness.

What would I recommend? Get a beautiful recording of the old hymn “Amazing Grace” and sing it several times a day. Repeat daily a prayer of gratitude and express gratitude to important people in your life. Journal about it and each day name a few more new things for which you are grateful.

As my birthday present to all of you, I've recorded a special meditation that helps build your strength this month and can carry you for months to come. It's called the “Grace of God Meditation” where women repeat the phrase silently at first and then aloud, “I am grace of God”. Men can do this also, but with the phrase, “I am in the grace of God.

Here is the link to the video Grace of God Meditation. On that page is the 16 minute instructional video with written details below the video. Also on that page are links to two shorter versions -one titled "Daily Meditation" and one for doing during your sadhana titled "Meditation Only."

This is a time for nobility of spirit, for rising above dispute and turmoil and taking the higher road of compassion and tolerance. Your presence can be effective and make a difference when you let Divine meditation flow through you. The prayerful stillness, the experience of peace and gratitude can be so internally filling that they project out to all you meet.

So enjoy becoming a blessing and an inspiration, a humble yet certain gift to this world.

Bless you in all ways always!

June 1, 2017

© 2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.