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May's Numerology: Make Your Life a Sanctuary, a Place of Love, Peace, and Harmony

Dear Friends,

A young girl came up to me the other day after I had finished teaching a yoga class and asked me, “Sangeet, why is everybody screaming so much?”

Since no one around us was screaming, I asked her where she had heard the screaming and she said, “On the television a lot, at school, sometimes at home.” So I told her people scream for different reasons – surprise, fear and fright, nervousness, excitement at seeing a favorite entertainer, and at times just because other people around them are screaming – the old “monkey see, monkey do” thing. But more and more people are screaming and shouting because they are angry.

The rest of our conversation was brief. Basically I asked her to meditate and pray for all the angry people so they can be happier and more peaceful inside themselves. She understood that and said she would. She meditates and prays with her mother.

Later, in my own quiet space of meditation, I couldn't help but wonder at her observation and scanned back through time to see what I had observed over nearly eight decades of life in this world.

Way back I remembered the screams and squeals when “old blue eyes” Frank Sinatra would start to sing, louder still when the Beatles hit the music scene. In fact by the time Elvis hit the stage the crowds seemed to never stop screaming.

Horror films used to be the crudely animated “Godzilla”-type flicks where you could see the strings moving the models but that didn't matter – they still prompted short screams of fear. A lot different by the time we got the Freddie Krueger era. Soon the movie folks were working hard to pack theaters with continual screamers.

So what's different now? I asked myself. The rise of rage seems to be everywhere and with it voices screaming and shouting and pushing contorted, rageful faces into the cameras. You could say it's from people who don't feel they're heard or heard enough. Perhaps true. But what I see more and more are people who also don't want anyone else to be heard.

What used to be a war of words is becoming a war of screamers. Like an infection going viral.
So here we are in a year where the new Planetary Cycle of 10 can give us a fresh new start and we are seeing folks carried away with their angry voices and the anger of others in a building surge.

So this month we have a chance to declare a halt, an amnesty, a time to shift gears and create a new and very personal sanctuary, a place of peace and harmony that begins in each one of our homes.

This comes through prayer and meditation, making your home and your life a sacred space where you support positive thinking and positive words and active listening, sharing and talking.

These things aren't just politically correct, these are attributes of higher human values. They reflect a victory of courage over rage, of compassion over passion. A victory of our Divine nature over the unleashed animal drives.

The month of May 2017 is a time to establish a sacred sanctuary in our lives. A place of peace and harmony in our hearts and in our minds. A place of quiet where we pray and meditate. But how can this win out over so many screamers? It starts by not returning scream for scream, shout for shout. Drop the anger in each of us. Step back from reaction. Introduce quiet again into your life. Select peaceful music. Go out into nature, sit with your back up against a beautiful tree in the woods and feel the dappled sunlight on your face and the calm breezes touching you.

Now is the time.

May is a 6 Planetary Cycle month, a time for peace and harmony and creating a sanctuary where you live, or enjoying sanctuary in nature. It is a time to build love and compassion. The tools this month are prayer and meditation. The challenge is to keep your promises, stand by your commitments and speak and do things with heart and compassion.

This month's stumbling blocks include broken promises, making too many commitments, breaking harmony at home and elsewhere.

Now is the time for each of us to become a sanctuary, a walking, breathing, place of sacred life that covers people with a smile, kind words, a restful seat beside you. A person who delivers on their word, who honors commitments, who leads others to feel their own smiles and exhibit their own kindness. These are act of love. These make the angels smile and the heavens happy.

Fail to put in honest effort in these directions and your immune system with suffer and you will become weak and ill. Withhold heart-felt compassion for yourself and others and over time you will break your own heart. Drop your commitments and in some very real ways you will be broken. Over-commit and your systems will weaken and verge on collapse. Scream and you will eventually shatter your nervous system, clutter and break your mind.

This is the way karma works. Put in good, honest effort and you grow stronger. Build love and peace inside and you reap good rewards. Fail to take steps in this direction, whether consciously or unconsciously, and energetic backlash happens.

So what can we do now, in May of 2017?

Turn off the TV? Well maybe reduce your exposure to TV. But the screaming emotionalism is in the air everywhere – the shove and push of upset circles this globe. You can't change that until you can change what's inside most people. And it all starts with each of us. It starts rather simply and grows.

This month slow down your breath and let peace, love and inner harmony grow within. It is your choice, our choice. Our beloved teacher Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, often described how our heads were too full and so our hearts were empty.

Slowing your breath down will keep your thoughts from crowding your mind so your heart can fill and you can share from a deep space of tranquility.

Here's a simple goal. Slow your breath to a pace of 4 breaths a minute. Just simply breathe slowly and deeply, doing one complete breath over 15 seconds. Start by inhaling over 5 seconds, then holding for 5 seconds, then slowly exhaling for 5 seconds. Without stopping begin again with the 5 seconds of inhale, hold for 5 and slowly release for 5. This brings you to 4 breaths a minute.

Do this for 5-7 minutes a day, at least twice a day, every day. After a week or so, lengthen the segments to 8 on the inhale, 8 hold and 8 on the exhale. Do that for another week or so until you feel comfortable. You can continue upward to 10-10-10 which brings enormous calm and strength to ward off the assaults of screaming, shouting and angry people even on the TV.

Yes, you can take this breathing routine further, all the way up to 20-20-20, but you do not need to go further than 10-10-10. Extend your level of comfort but not to the point of stress. That would be counter-productive.

Doing this, you will regain control of your thoughts, gain mental clarity and pull out of reactive emotional states. Or, as I love to tell my classes, you will “keep the freak in!” and not let that freak out. Clarity and calm will prevail. This is the healthy response to upset in yourself and in others that has an impact on you. This helps create your sanctuary. This allows a loving heart to flower in you and touch others.

So you change the world one person at a time, starting with yourself.

There are many heart-centered meditations that can help. Simply crossing your hands over your heart in an “X” with the left hand under is good. We yogis call this position “heart lock.” Do a simple Guru Ram Das chant or join us for the Full Moon Meditation for women on May 10th.

In our Brahm Prakash Master Meditation on the 17th of this month, our 2-1/2 hour chant will be a major heart opener with a movement that is outstanding in its simplicity and effectiveness. The mantra is “Sat Kartar” which calls on the True Doer of All Deeds. This opens each of us up to the flow of love and peace from the Divine and builds us as a channel for that energy out into the world.

I invite you to join me and our community for this beautiful evening live at my home at 6 pm on May 17th or watch us live on the Internet as we broadcast via our website – healingsource.com.

If you want a preview of how the chant and the hand movements are done watch this sweet 11- minute video. It begins with tuning in to the words “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” just as we will do: youtube.com/watch?v=Cra_44ZDvWE.

The mantra-music is performed by my special sister, Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa (satkartarmusic.net) from her CD "Flow" which we will also be using during our longer meditation on May 17th.

This is a busy teaching month for me so I invite you to check out my May Events page and join in when you can.

When I see you I love to share hearts and hugs!

Bless you in all ways always!

May 1, 2017

© 2017 Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, All Rights Reserved.