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March's Numerology: A Time To Say, “Enough Is Enough!” and Get Ourselves Together

Dear Friends,

Here are some thoughts and lessons stemming from the Planetary Numerology for this year and for the current month.

I am writing this to everyone, all political, religious and cultural groups, any and all “sides” of every debate.

I am writing this as a woman whose lifelong path has been to help create harmony and peace. I am writing this as a proud citizen of this country whose family lineage dates back to the 1680s and includes three United States Presidents. (I smile when people ask me “What country are you from?” because of my turban.) I am writing this as a Sikh whose spiritual roots are both modern and ancient. I am writing this as a teacher of spiritual lifestyle who is about to complete her 78th year.

I expect you will disagree with me on some points. But I pray you will read and listen to a special call for the return to sanity.

We are in a 10 Cycle Year of new beginnings, but still early in the game. So fresh starts are still slow to materialize. The entire year can be explosive yet also a time to clear the clouds of the prior year and take a fresh new start.

Always remember, we are a country founded on new concepts, proclaiming ourselves independent from the past. Can we not now separate from our own over-reactions and upsets? Can we resume our role as a country whose citizens proudly proclaimed in the lyrics to “America the Beautiful”:

“America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!”

This is the year we must mend, stand by our liberties while resuming self-control. And this is the month we must make substantial progress in doing just that.

So let's look at what we've seen in the year 2017 so far and what's coming up this month.

There is a steady progression happening. January was an 11 month where prayer was needed to overcome divisiveness. Partnerships were under the celestial microscope and the best partnership to rely on was your direct connection to the Almighty. When I awoke on the morning of January 1st these lines, those exact words from “America the Beautiful,” were playing over and over in my head. Before I realized that was an 11 month I was praying, “God help us, God help us!”

How did we fare in January, individually and as a country? Well, you can decide where things emerged on that score.

Following January was, of course, February (a 3 cycle) and a time of emotional turmoil. The 3rd Energy Body is about service to community but it can bring heavy emotionalism. Like a whirlwind, the spin of a 3 pulls things away from logic and toward crowd processing. However, 3 represents the positive mind (a goal to achieve) and reflecting on the goodness in all things. February’s gift of a 10 can give us some opportunity for courage to start things anew. This is a good complement for the major influences of the 10th energy field of the whole year that can be explosive or, with its power used positively, can bring steady, strong progress on the upside of things.

Now the month of March is a 4 Cycle month favoring organization and mental calm. The 4th Energy Body is known as the neutral or meditative mind. It is the doorway to both reason and intuition. In other words, this is a time when we must individually and collectively say “Enough is enough!” of reactive thinking, emotional consumption in arguments and anger, so we can take a more elevated path. This is our first good opportunity to get ourselves together. Convert passion into compassion and kindness. “See God in all” as Yogi Bhajan often said “or you won't see God at all.”

Take positive action. Return to lawfulness and promote that across your communities. Polite language does not mean weak wording. And if you want to be heard, first listen, listen a lot.

The gift of a 2 this month refers to both earthly partnerships and heavenly intercession. It is a time to literally reach hands across the divide whether that divide is in your own home or in your community.

As we enter March I pray we will see an abatement of the frenzy of the first two months of 2017 which wrought havoc on social structures and personal relationships. Now some semblance of order can begin to appear. In the parlance of social structures, however, it will look to be somewhat “chaordic.” (chaos and order mixed).

What this means is that the logical mindset can prevail and begin to cover over some of the emotionalism still brewing from last year's difficult Planetary 9 Cycle. Those dark clouds, however, are far from gone.

For yourself, begin to address matters more logically, more rationally and with less emotion driving your day-to-day decisions. Use meditation to build not just your reasoning mind but to open up the door to your intuitive mind. Breathe deeply, slowly and relax. Becoming aware of your breath is the first step to taking charge of your reactive mind.

All of the classes I lead this month, as well as the 2-1/2 hour Brahm Prakash Master Meditation on March 17th, will be geared to accessing the greater intuitive mind. This is the mind that moves us beyond the temporal physical world and links us with the heavens. We can move in a Universal Rhythm and connect with the protective Universal Radiant Body (10) which brings courage and victory.

Steady the breath while walking, timing your inhale and exhale to your steps, adding a “Wahe Guru” mantra in your mind to quiet mental chatter as you move ahead. Take the hand of a friend or partner and link hearts as you walk.

March opens (days 1-7) with events happening quickly with little order to them. Then days 8 through 14 are particularly good for making new commitments and leading with your compassionate heart. Days 15-20 will see more clouds of doubt but this is a welcome time to meditate and chant. Days 21 through 28 are strong for advancing your goals and putting yourself in high gear. The closing few days of the month are perfect for completing things. That's good, as the month of April will bring more fluctuating changes and modifications to the plans we began in March.

The best chant to focus on this month is to call on the miracle power of Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Guru who was recognized as the “Raj Yogi” of his time and whose service to humanity healed countless people. His spirit is with us always, waiting to be called on. You can call on his miraculous intervention with the chant:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru,
Guru Ram Das Guru.

Join me please in praying for miracles in our lives and in the life of our dear country. More importantly, join me in becoming the miracle!

Bless you in all ways always!

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
March 9, 2017

P.S. A personal note for all you history buffs: My family dates back to the 1680s when the head of my father's family came over with William Penn, the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania that would become the state. His descendant, Benjamin Rowland, founded The Rowland Company in 1732 which today is the oldest continuing company in that state and the third oldest in the U.S. Proud to be a Pennsylvanian and an American.

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