Another "Classroom Adventure" with Miss Harmony!

While our courageous little fighter, 8-year-old Harmony Mosier, is once again in Phoenix Children's Hospital she continues her second-grade learning with visits from her teacher. But an unusual classroom re-convened again the other night when I visited her to give some healing Reiki energy.

I asked Harmony what grade she was in and the answer came “nearly third grade.” She started to show off her ability with the multiplication table, starting with 2s. “2 times 2 is 4, 3 times 2 is 6, 4 times 2 is 8” and so on all the way to 10 times 2.

Listening in, Hari Nam Singh asked her to multiply 3s. She started out okay but faltered at one point. So he helped her think her way through the calculation. He coached her in other calculations, too.

(Hari Nam’s mom was a long-time 3rd grade teacher and he mentioned how well "mom" had schooled him. In fact, he and I both come from families of teachers.)

Then he asked Harmony a big one - multiplying 11s. She squirreled up her eyebrows, looked back and forth between Hari Nam and me, and thought her way through it with some help.

All the time Harmony was doing her calculations, I was ramping up the Reiki energy, feeling her energy-field miraculously shift from initial sparks, acidity and very real pains into softness, quiet warmth and calm.

Well maybe Harmony didn't master all the multiplication tables that evening, but she met the challenge fearlessly. Just the way she handles the chemo, blood transfusions and other medical remedies.

When I finished and told Harmony she'd sleep better that night, Harmony said, “No I won't, I haven't been sleeping for several nights!” So I blew her a kiss and knew the Reiki she absorbed would give her rest. Less than an hour later her mother Keri texted that Harmony was sleeping peacefully.

What a girl! What a strong, loving family!

Eternal gratitude to all of you who have been sending Harmony and her family prayers, Reiki and love. Keep it up please for this “keep-up girl!”

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
February 23, 2017

P.S. Join in the Fun!

Calling all Moms, Dads and Teachers! Give us your ideas for 2nd and 3rd grade teaching moments that I can engage Harmony with when visiting her for Reiki. Simple, short and do-able.

Learning is an exchange and it happens when we get together. Harmony recently shared with me what she learned about fish and then she taught me the game of "Go Fish" (click for article). I also exchange colored-pencil drawings with this young artist.

Hari Nam came up with one interesting idea: Bring a paper map of the Unites States with all states drawn in but without names.  Start with Harmony identifying the state and city where she lives and name some major point about Arizona such as the Grand Canyon. Maybe draw cactus over the state. Then name the nearby states.

Maybe there is a set of flash cards with the shape of a state on the front and details about that state on the back. That would make a fun card game for Harmony and me!

Email us your ideas on our Contact Us page. Or if you are on Facebook (sangeet k. khalsa) write your suggestions under this photo.

Thank you again for your help and we'll keep you posted on progress in this "healing classroom!"

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