Miss Harmony Teaches Sangeet About Fish!

It's Tuesday January 31st and it's class-time in Room 7126, Phoenix Children’s' Hospital. It's an unusual setting for school but sweet Miss Harmony Mosier, in the hospital all last week for more chemo treatments, enjoyed a visit by her teacher and learned about fish.

She even wrote a shortie about fish – fins, skeleton and all – and shared it with me.

sangeets blog 2017 02 february 6 miss harmony teaches sangeet about fishHarmony shares a light-hearted moment with me reviewing her home-made videos including the dancing video of us she created only a few weeks ago.

Yes, she plans to make more and to write a play. And she will!! Harmony is alive with Divine energy and a strong determination to enjoy childhood, attests her dad Paul. Harmony shares her moments of joy so easily.

All of us are learning from her. She's still singing her favorite Christmas carols!

In reading it to me she re-wrote a bit on the run. What a spunky girl she is, moving ahead with life! Harmony is glad to be home now with her Mom Keri, Dad Paul, sister Eleri and her canine “fur-buddy” buddy Oreo.

And of course she's taught me a new game, "Go Fish," which was different kind of school for me.

Thank you and God bless all of you, hundreds of you, who have been sending Harmony Reiki energy, prayers, and endless love. Keep up please.

This battle is won day-by-day. The power of Goodness prevails.

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
January 16, 2017

NOTE: If you'd like to help this sweet family meet the mounting expenses, you can join others in making a contribution to a "Go Fund Me" account set up by a dear friend of Harmony's mother. Here is the link: www.gofundme.com.

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