There's No One Quite Like Miss Harmony!

You just gotta love, admire, hug and laugh with this spunky young lady of 8! Her name is Harmony Mosier. What a dancer! What funny, happy moves!

Like she has no care in the world. Child of a beautiful family, surrounded by love.

Yet for more almost a year she has been battling a rare and terrible form of childhood cancer. Battling and overcoming it, day after day after day. They beat it down earlier last year and then it came back. But she keeps up with spunk!

Despite scary tests that recently left her weak and vomiting through a couple of nights. Despite ongoing chemo that hurts her and is so hard on her fragile body.

But nothing gets her spirit down.

harmony and sangeet 1 filming the scene 400x533Harmony directing and filming Sangeet doing her dance moves while mom photographs her daughter blossoming into a new generation of story teller. (Photograph: Keri Mosier)

Watch this little video Harmony created on January 6, 2017. Witness how spirit is alive and moving in this great soul in a small frame! You have to see the Divine light strong in her!

Now there's a little story behind this video-moment in time.

Since I first met Harmony last Thanksgiving when she was still in Phoenix Children's Hospital, she has never ceased to amaze me. I came at first to give her Reiki energy and she responded to the flow like a champ.

Her Mom and Dad, Keri and Paul, think there's some magic or mystical bond between us. Maybe so, something we both feel.

When she came home I started visiting her as often as I could (she says not often enough!) and the instant bond between us has grown. Gradually it became obvious that she is a healer as well. In her eyes, her spirit, her shy sideways glance with a smile, her moments of relaxation with her head on a pillow in my lap.

So she is also healing and growing me as well. Just as does touching so many others. A week or so ago she took my hand, walked me into her bedroom and pulled out an iPad loaded with music videos. On it she had recorded short clips of herself and a few friends doing 30-second dances to these videos.

So she pulled on me to dance with her. It took a couple of times until I got the hang of it. I'm not from the selfie generation and she's far more natural in a video. I still don't even know what the words are. But who cares!

Well after several “takes” and trial runs, it was an uproarious, happy time with hugs afterwards.

Now she's busily writing a little play about twins going to Paris and intends to perform it in mid-February for a few friends in the backyard garage-workshop built-out by her parents.

A lot of us will be there, with bells on. I'm bringing vegan, gluten-free cupcakes (that will give her a big surprise!), and she intends to serve a little menu of goodies.

You see, for Harmony every day she wakes up is a celebration. A time to draw with her colored pencil set. A time to share a game of “Go Fish” with an older buddy. A time to enjoy life.

More chemo is coming and more scary test. More Reiki is flowing. More prayers are coming her way from dozens of folks who love her in the downtown neighborhood of small homes around our yoga center and Sikh temple.

Harmony is a living example of eternal spirit, of courage and bravery in action. Kinda puts a whole lot of other problems we may have in perspective, doesn't it? No time to be down, even when the going gets tough.

I think of the words of a song we sing in our community to remind us what it takes to be brave: “When things are down and darkest, that's when we stand tallest.” Well, for Miss Harmony we have to modify that a bit... “When things are down and darkest, that's when we dance the happiest.”

God bless you girl! Dance on!!

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
January 16, 2017

NOTE: If you'd like to help this sweet family meet the mounting expenses, you can join others in making a contribution to a "Go Fund Me" account set up by a dear friend of Harmony's mother. Here is the link:

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