Meditation For Divine Support and Protection

This meditation uses a mantra that calls on the Divine for the highest level of support and Protection. In doing that it vanquishes all negativity and enemies, whether these are within us or coming at us from others. The mantra (words) come from the sacred writings of the Sikhs known as the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and were given to us by Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan.

According to Yogi Bhajan, chanting this mantra

“...will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever. It can give you mental self-control.”

Additionally he told us that chanting it daily for 62 minutes can relieve unbearable financial pressure, especially when done between 3 am - 4 am.

This meditation clears the path of negativity and pumping the navel on the three repetitions of “Har!” stimulates fresh energy to rise up the central channel, building strength within to overcome oppositions outside you.

The three repetitions are said to relate to the Holy Trinity, whether in the Christian path or as seen in the forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in Vedic understanding.

When times and circumstances in one's life are seriously difficult this is the the special mantra that will carry you through like a champ!

meditation for divine support and protection easy pose 266x300Asana: Sit straight in Easy Pose or in a chair with hands resting on knees in Gyan Mudra (thumb tips and index fingertips touching). Palms should be angled upward. Apply a slight Neck Lock by keeping the chin level and pulling it backwards which will lengthen and elongate the neck for the proper flow of energy.

Drishti: Eye position was not specified so you can either focus on the tip of the nose or on the Third Eye Point.


Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa

Har! Har! Har!

Translation: “The Lord has become my refuge, my protector. The truest of the True is my support. God! God! God!”

Chant for 11, 31 or 62 minutes.

For a regular daily practice, chant either 11 or 31 minutes for 40 days without a break, or for 90 days to put this strength in you forever.

To End: Inhale deeply and hold the breath for 15 seconds, then exhale. Repeat this two more times.


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