Welcome 2017! Raising Global Consciousness

Now in 2017 we enter the new 10 Planetary Cycle Year, building courage and the power for a fresh new start as we move out of the mental-emotional abyss of the 9 Cycle of 2016. We continue to do battle with the issues of 2016 up through September 21st, but now we gain courage and energy to take a forward course and let the old issues go.

So 2017 gives us an opportunity to confront and vanquish negativity both from within ourselves and all around us so we can set a new and brighter life-course. We must take command of ourselves and let goodness prevail! It will require courage and the ongoing use of key mantras to live in trust and dwell in Divine peace.

The gift of this 10 Planetary Cycle is an 8 that comes from a 17. Truly significant! The sacred number 17 brings the potential for enormous gifts for all of us throughout this year; it represents both spiritual and financial good fortune. All we must do is embrace those gifts with mind and heart! And call them in with meditation and mantra.

Key mantras I will teach this year will support us in gaining self-mastery at this important juncture in the evolution of human consciousness on this planet.

The mantras we will do each month at our 2-1/2 hour meditations will be pivotal in our spiritual emergence. These are broadcast live each month on the 17th via our website – www.healingsource.com. Also I will teach other important mantras in my ongoing series of yoga classes held at 2 locations in the Valley – once or twice a month at the Anahata studio in Scottsdale and on the first Tuesday each month at Yoga Phoenix in the downtown area.

This is the time when a yoga-breath-meditation practice really counts!

With such a regular practice we will dismiss the dark clouds of dissension from last year that will roll forward with us in 2017. How much of this darkness can be clear? Well we have all the way up to midnight on September 21st to clear away all that we can.

How? Do 11 minutes of our first Journey to Brahm Prakash meditation for 2017 on a daily basis. It is the "Aap Sahaaee Hoaa" mantra meditation and I explain how to do it in the article "Mantra For Divine Support and Protection." Before starting the meditation, do 3 minutes of Breath of Fire to power up, balance the energy field and prepare us to rise with the mantra.

Is 15 minutes too much to ask of ourselves to raise global consciousness? I trust not.

Now come join us and start your year off with an outstanding meditation this Tuesday, Jan 17th at 6 pm MT. Even if you can only do a half hour, or even 11 minutes, join us. The true “worldwide-web” - the network of the heavenly ethers - reaches everyone.

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
January 15, 2017


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