Numerology Insights For The Coming Presidential Election

My Dear Friends and Family,

Recently folks have been asking me to use my numerologist's microscope and look at the U.S. presidential race. As most of you know I don't use this system to predict anything, but instead I look at factors, trends and possibilities. Each soul determines what it will do with each new day.

I am happy, however, to share some insights with you on this important election. It is a fascinating study.

First, let me put this whole drama in the context of the overall influences of the ruling Planetary Cycle at this time.

 This whole year the Planetary Cycle of 9 has been prevailing. I called it at one point “the superhighway of the subconscious.” It is an ending cycle, a time when things can crash down around us and hidden things come to the surface.

The 9 Planetary Cycle is affecting everyone, no matter what their Personal Annual Cycle may be. This cycle is known as an ending cycle, a time when things cease to work as usual, often fall apart and end cataclysmically, leaving us unprepared. It is also a time when we see beneath the surface of things and the hidden aspects of people and situations are revealed. It brings a mix of things set in motion by the individuals themselves as well as things coming at them.

I often tell folks when I read their chart and they hit their personal 9 cycle, “It may look as if things are going to hell in a hand-basket. Your command is simple – Don't go there with it!”

What does that mean? Stay steady. Stick with what you know and what you are already doing and reach a new level of mastery. Use this year to take yourself to higher states and stay away from the emotional, reactive mind. Drop nothing you are doing and take on nothing new.

Now apply that advice on a national level, even globally as this 9 Cycle is affecting everyone and every country throughout this year. How well are we doing? Reactive words and actions seem to be rampant and emotions are boiling up.

Now let me share some insights into our the presidential election.

(Please note: for 30 years I have been reading charts for folks across the country and far beyond, from London and Paris to Italy, Australia and Kuala Lumpur. I use an expanded version of a numerology system the roots of which were given to us by Yogi Bhajan. It is a relative of the classic Vedic system.)

When I first created and read the chart for Hillary Clinton I was moved to awe and sadness. The first thought that came was, “Gosh, all her life she labored under the power of a man, struggling to rise up on her own right.”

And when I first saw the chart for Donald Trump I saw the power, the bluster of this man but I also saw him working to overcome low self-worth and seeking spiritual connection though family.

These were first impressions. Now let me step back and give you less personal, more objective points.

First of all, Mrs. Clinton is in the same Personal Cycle this year as the Planetary Cycle – a 9! So the shock waves going round this planet are mirrored in what is happening to and around her. This means she faces a torrent of things pushing her in a multitude of directions, many of them coming up from behind hidden doors.

Classically in a 9 Cycle, things swept under the rug or stuffed in closets pop out in this cycle and one reaps the karma. So I often advise folks before they enter their 9 Cycle year to start “cleaning closets” in advance, literally and figuratively.

Frankly, a 9 Cycle is not the best time to be trying to win something as big as the presidency, though it does also signify possible completion. The number 9 is also the number of her Consciousness. That is true lifelong, not just for this year.

Yogi Bhajan often described the number 9 as “mystery or mastery.” So with a 9 Consciousness person you get some of both. Adding to that is a special number in the core position in her chart – a 13/4 – which signifies someone who can be a speaker of truth or a teller of “fiction.”

Mrs. Clinton has an 8 in her Soul position which makes her a powerful boss, doer, executive, and a person who can get in the face of any man. But in this position it gives both strength and occasional weakness in these roles and it can bring her into conflict with men who possess this boss-number.

Happily, her Destiny Number is a 3 which indicates her soul's goal or aim is to bring positivity, hope, equality for all, especially women, and to build community.

Despite the heavier aspects of the 9 Year, in November Mrs. Clinton will get some special energy from the Divine in November which is an 11 month. The number 11 is often a time for Divine intervention, even at times in the form of a miracle. And 11 is also her gift number in her personal chart.

October, however, was a 10 month for her (and the planet). 10 requires courage and fearlessness as it often delivers explosive, unforeseen developments. Not surprisingly that held true.

So for Mrs. Clinton this year, this exact timing, is a mixed-bag which leaves her situation volatile and unpredictable.

Now let's look at Donald Trump. Also a mixed-bag there.

First off, on the plus side, Mr. Trump is in an 11 Personal Cycle this year, all year. Remember the positives I said about Mrs. Clinton's 11-Cycle month coming in November? Well that all applies to Mr. Trump throughout 2016. 11 brings some measure of Divine intervention, even miracles. And 11 is also the number of his Consciousness throughout his life. So he bounces back in the polls, just as he has in his business career after several failures when he came to be known as “the comeback kid” (self-professed and the title of one of his books, The Art of the Comeback).

It is worth noting, that the number 11 is also the Consciousness Number for our country, the U.S., based on the founding date of July 4, 1776. It s derived from different aspects than those of Mr. Trump, but nonetheless it refers to spiritual roots.

Mr. Trump's core number is an 8 which is a major doer, executive and boss. Unlike Ms. Clinton whose 8 was in the Soul Position, there is no implied weakness here. Also, like Ms. Clinton, he has that special 13/4 number in his chart (the speaker of truth or “fiction”), but it is in his destiny. So it's his aim and goal to be the speaker of truth for all. Can he be that at his best?

Since he was born on the 14th day of the month, he has attributes of the number 5 – a salesman, a preacher or even a teacher at its highest development. The first two aspects – salesman and preacher – want you to believe in him and what he's selling. It's your choice, as both can apply at any time.

So what are Mr. Trump's prospects for November? He is in a 13/4 month – wow! That means we either have to see him as a speaker of truth or fiction. The 7 days leading up to the election day comprise a 5 week so he will be seen even more starkly as one or the other.
So for Mr. Trump everything hinges or whether you buy him or not.

Looking at the global timing, the Cycles for both the week and day of the election indicate the outcome will not be clear until the following day, if then. Ms. Clinton will see herself the victor on the 8th but that conclusion will be premature. If the count goes into the 9th, that is an 11 day for her –a time for possibly good fortune for her as well as a time for prayer. For Mr. Trump the 8th is a day of some disappointments but also rising hope, with clarity also coming the following day.

Well, there you have it.

No clear call for either candidate and a lot of “down to the wire” signs.

Yes I could have written a lot more, but I wanted to give you enough for some insights. And of course I did my best to give them each fair, equal and neutral coverage.

And please remember one very important thing: as I have been telling everyone in my classes all year, the world is in an 11 Cycle month in November. That means the Divine is covering us with special intercessions. Whatever the outcome, hold firmly to prayer and your highest values and seek to build peace in your communities. And please please pray for us all. Pray for peace and unity. Pray for intercession to bridge differences and abate discord.

As Yogi Bhajan often said, “Prayer is the power! Use it!

Bless you in all ways always!

November 2, 2016


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Here is a deeper look at the candidates' all-important Consciousness Number which is also their Personal Annual Cycle for 2016 – Mrs. Clinton’s “9” and Mr. Trump’s “11.”

Attributes of a “9” (summary)

Defining Theme: “Mystery or Mastery”

Strengths: the only number of pure unbridled intelligence; super-expansive – one thought can take them across the universe and beyond; the fastest of the fast minds and also vast; mastery over the essence of completion, learning how and when to hold on and when to let go; grateful and elegant; consistent and constant; possessing deep understanding of others; well disciplined.

Challenges: a “monkey mind” to the max; seemingly brilliant but has difficulty focusing and only skims the surface of things; naive and gullible; ungrateful and complaining; lives life in a fog (there's the “mystery”); Jack of all trades, master of none; lets go too soon or holds on too long; listless and bookish; eternally fascinated with all things.

The story of a 9 should be the story of mastery but that is rarely the case. Some are great world travelers and do not seem to be going in any one direction. They can be multiple-career folks, or not even on a defined career path. They know everything, or so it seems, and yet they are constantly in search of new ideas, places, people, etc. They have to have the last word.

Attributes of an “11” (summary)

Defining Theme: “God and me, me and God are one”

Strengths: the number of the Divine Human in totality, at one with God; holds a direct link to Source; spiritual mastery; a true visionary; living in the will of God; total harmony within and with God; can command wealth in all forms.

Challenges: self-willed, angry and at war with God; feels disconnected, abandoned in all ways; ungrounded and lost in daydreams; out of touch with reality; while they can be intuitively right in their observations and decisions, they can also be captivating pied pipers and dangerous to follow.

I have seen 11s in such different life scripts. Some have been spiritual teachers in other lifetimes who abused the privilege and were sent back. Some are poets and dreamers. Still other 11s have nothing to dream about, no job and very little good employment possibilities in their future.

A few 11s make good partners but that's not often the case. Mostly they're frustrated with their partners, expecting things of them that they should rightly take to God. Of course that would only work if they had a good working relationship with God, and so often an 11 struggles with that. Still, they have a captivating presence and are utterly convinced that they have a Divine mission. So they ask you to believe in them.

Now that you have a little more insight into “9” and “11”, I trust this has given you some new understanding of the candidates.


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